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Saturday, 19 May 2018


In case we got carried away by whatever drama of the day, Ramadhan is also a good month to re-visit, re-view, and re-evaluate. 

Back in 1994-2003, I used to b engaged whole-heartedly in envisioning 'the future' for Malaysia. During that period of time, I was involved in designing and establishing several new art programs at UNIMAS, CENFAD & USM. I saw myself then as 'golongan muda'. 

Now, Im not so sure whether I have arrived at that 'future' . The future is 'now', and I my 'now' is probably different than the one I imagined 20 years ago. 

What about you, especially those often referred to as 'golongan muda'? Whats your now? How do you choose, define and create your now? Blaming others? Pointing fingers? Complaining? Cursing? Throlling? Cyber-bullying? Gossiping? Focusing on problems instead of solutions? Highlighting issues instead of facing and tackling them? 

What you focus on now is what your future going to b. Please la, choose wisely.

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