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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Morpheous once said to Neo, "There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path".

Thank you Maizul for inviting me to open the exhibition "Heavy Weight vs Light Weight", showcasing your recent works and the works of your students and alumni of KDU Penang. Like Morpheous, you are persistent in making sure that your students 'know the path' and 'walk the path'. Exhibiting their artworks will give them a door to 'walk the path', in contrast to 'knowing the path' through working on their assignments in studio and theory classes. 

I have witnessed how Maizul, fellow lecturers and students of KDU have for many times learned to walked the path by engaging in many forms of creative projects/activities in George Town. Whenever there were major art or design-related events, including those organized by MGTF USM and the Penang State Art Gallery, you guys were there, to not only participate, but to contribute pro-actively. I remember seeing your guys during MGTF USM's workshops, seminars. talks, lectures, exhibition openings and competitions (which some of you won).

I hope your students and alumni of KDU Penang are able to challenge their own selves, to search, seek, compete and struggle within as they 'walk their path'. In doing so, I hope they have managed to unveil their own potentials in engaging with the path of becoming a designer or artist.  Discovering one true potentials is one of many pleasures of 'walking the path'. 

Maizul and all the students, seeing how you guys mingle and engage with each others, remind me of my own vocation, my own path as well. 

As for Maizul, I am very proud to be able to take the credit of being one of your lecturers when you were a student at USM (even though it was a brief period). I offer my 'doa' that you will be shown the right path to walk throughout you life.

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