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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


We anticipated only few hundreds would come, but then more than a thousand people (THe Star newspaper reported that there were about 5000 visitors) came even from Kuala Kangsar and other places to witness GREATNESS AND THE CREATIVE BEAUTY OF THE UNIVERSE UNVEILED. Ya, we are so tired, but your presence have uplifted and made our spirit soar high. The transit of Venus was indeed a rare and spectacular cosmic event. We were all blessed to be able to witness it fro...m around 7.30 am till about 11am before the rain gave its blessing. But even more meaningful for us was to witness your presence and how much you had enjoyed your experience at MGTF USM. It shined our day and days ahead. It has propeled and boosted our energy to keep making MGTF USM our shared garden of learning and enjoying the gift of knowledge, both the arts and sciences. We hope your experience stays forever in your beautiful hearts. We hope it has also nourished your spirits. MGTF USM belongs to all of us, and all of you our dear visitors, are our VVIPs. We are nothing without your presence. Your presence gives meanings to our existence, far beyond all the things that we can brag about. As we cherish the experience of witnessing the transit of Venus, we offer you our deepest gratitude for coming to MGTF USM. As one of the blessed staff members of MGTF USM, allow me to also offer my highest salutation to my fellow staffs at MGTF USM. Once again, you all had worked beyond the calls of duty, to just simply enjoy your selves. For this, and all the wonderful experiences of making the learning of the arts and sciences fun for all, I offer my doa. Tasbih and tahmid as we witness the beauty of the universe. All our big egos were shattered into dust as we submit to the infinite greatness of the Designer behind such cosmic event. I send my doa, prayer, good wishes and luv to all. (Hasnul J Saidon, Director, Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, USM).

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