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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Single-channel video (40:30)
  • Students Exhibition, RPI, Troy New York, 1993
  • "Malaysian Video Art Festival", National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, 1994
  • "MTV@MALAY TV" at USM- ABN AMRO Arts & Cultural Center, Penang, 2006
  • MJVAX - Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exchange, during a screening program "SMTVa" - Screening Malaysia Through Video Art, National Visual Art gallery of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 2010
  • "Absorbing Future Shock" in Contemporary Art Campus USM, during 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (1MCAT) 2010

“Post-colon” presents an anthology of short videos addressing cross-cultural encounters as my comfort zone and identity were challenged when I was doing my MFA in the USA. I turned to traditional Malay proverbs to express my negation with such position. 

"Wash & See" in "Post-Colon...: A Series of Video Shorts" (1993)
"The Brown Silhouette" in "Post-Colon...: A Series of Video Shorts" (1993)
"In Your Own Circle" in "Post-Colon...: A Series of Video Shorts" (1993)
"The Rescue of A Frog Under a Coconut Shell" in "Post-Colon...: A Series of Video Shorts" (1993)

To sound 'clever', here is an excerpt from 
Roopesh Sitharan (2007), "Relocations - The Electronic Art of Hasnul J Saidon & Niranjan Rajah".

"Hasnul Jamal Saidon has been rigorously exploring the video as a medium for artistic practice, integrating the medium with other technological and non-technological media  in diverse artistic productions. He notes of his early period, 

“My initial studio performances were “mediated” by the language of the video camera: the video camera became my witness, my audience. Video became a mediated representation of my journey across borders - within and without. The borders suggest multiple reading and meanings - such as artificial demarcations or boundaries within my thoughts and memories, within my own body, within my emotion, between various artistic disciplines, between nation-states, race and ethnicity, religion, culture, history and even gender.”

He continues, to explain that his encounter with post-colonial theory and Said’s Orientalism had an impact and set him on a deconstructive journey. His response was to produce a series of video shorts combining studio performances, computer graphics, computer music improvisation and analog audio/video editing improvisation."

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