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Friday, 15 June 2012


The nature of light and matter. The full array of electro-magnetic radiation is called electro-magnetic spectrum. It extends from the longest radio waves to the shortest wavelenght gamma rays. Visible light (light that can be captured by our eyes and brains) occupies a tiny portion of the full electro-magnetic spectrum.
The mandala, as the reflection of the cosmic process, beginning with unity and back with unity. Center of Ardabil carpet, Tabriz, Iran, c.1540. (Source: Laleh Bakhtiar, "SUFI, Expression of the Mystic Quest").
In Eastern cosmology, there are quantum maps related to the seven layers of the sky, seven stages of the soul, seven energy points of our higher body, seven colors of our mind-emotion. Here is another seven, albeit a scientific version. Looking at this may perhaps shatter our egos. Life is about  BEyond seEING. It shows the enormous size of known Universe. Each successive sphere is a thousand million times (1 000 000 000) as big as the one before it! You may enlarge your screen and zoom in.

BEyond seEING

With quantum eyes, what will we see? Beyond the visible range of the electro-magnetic spectrum? Multi-dimensional patterns? Like those we normally find in many forms of Eastern traditional art? 

They manifest the multi-dimensional quantum processes of the 'mind'; The gathering and dance of opposite principles. 


           Conceptual models of Eastern cosmology, Hasnul J Saidon

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