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Thursday, 13 October 2011


Solo exhibition by Maizol, my ex-student at USM. If you happened to be in Penang, don't forget to drop by.

Bekas anak murid saya punya kerja, kenalah beri sokongan. Sila lah singgah kalau ada di Pulau Pinang.

AWAS Gallery, Babington Road, Penang.
29 October - 29 November 2011

The Synopsis

"The name of the POPaganda is the combining with two words; ‘Popular’ and ‘Propaganda’ which it addresses the popular icons and historical events in the political world of propaganda 20th century. Lost in a Moment possibly conveys the remembrance, memory, re-collective, commemoration, acknowledgement and tribute to those historical moments which we may forget the events that changed to our human society and culture. In nature, pr...opaganda is always manipulative; it is intended to give someone else control over your thoughts and actions. It comes in many forms which we may recognize by its: persuasive function, sizeable target audience, representation of a specific group’s agenda and use of faulty reasoning and emotional appeals. However, that does not mean that propaganda cannot be used for good. Like most tools, propaganda is not necessarily evil, in and of itself. It is true that manipulative advertisers and unscrupulous politicians can use propaganda to suit their own ends but it can also help to end slavery, promote peace, or encourage people to improve their world.

Therefore, i am continuing the making cut-out cartoon figures with corrugated fibreboard. I am implementing my story-telling style to review the collective icons of world propagandas by venturing the process of converting verbal communication to illustrative story-telling for the audiences perceive the message that i want to convey. I try to manipulate illustrations and texts in unique way of communication, instead of flipping through comic books and suggest different way to read comic on the white wall. I am always sensitive to the popular issues around me and manipulate popular icons to create sub-texts in my painterly works capturing the angst and ideology that is responding to my surroundings."

This related to the other works such as American Idol? (series One and Two), Fikirkan Boleh (De-Con), Sejahtera Malaysia (De-Con), Sole Salvation (series three) and Sole Salvation (series one) to be collectively part in ‘POPaganda’ exhibition."

All the best, Maizul!!!! 

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