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Thursday, 14 June 2012


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2.2   Reconciliation

Cybernetic paradigm for example, offers interconnected patterns of neural networks in various and constantly changing configurations, similar to the mapping and mystical paradigm of ‘pohon hayat’. It relates to mental models of reality built through various associations ofmm patterns or representations. It allows humans to create and recreate in forming new patterns of thinking, much like the sprouting of new branches on a tree. Artworks, design and other creative disciplines increasingly reformulate multi-dimensional models or patterns of thinking due to efficient information flow and exposure. Technological advances have accelerated contacts and created webs of overlapping networks or multiple realities as well as virtual connections through new media.
Cyberspace, as used by William Gibson in his novel “Neuromancer” describes a composite new space that encompasses patterns in both extremes of scale – the vast macro and global network of telecommunications, and the miniscule or micro space in the microchip with the ever increasing power to store, interconnect and manipulate data. It is not far from the mapping of micro and macro branching and sub-branching of ‘pohon hayat’ and the overlapping micro and macro modular units of Islamic art, Buddhist mandala and Indian kolam. They reflect a quantum map of higher energy in its sustainable state. 

Brain studies and human cognition reveal similar fractal (branching) or tree-like networks of neural patterns. Split-brain and whole brain theory, multiple intelligences and radiant mind-mapping reflects multi-dimensional tree-like patterns, connectivity, growth and expansion. Information in living organisms (including cells) is based on the branching and sub-branching concept of systems and sub-systems that are organized into a network of interconnected hierarchies.

We are increasingly shifting into a lucid space in which forms are beginning to be taken over by information (or patterns of thinking). 

Are we ready to embrace information age where awareness of our thinking or the working of our brain (mind) is our next frontier?

Conceptual maps, based on quantum models, Hasnul J Saidon.

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