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Sunday, 29 April 2012


The majestic Santubong provides a stunning backdrop for the city of Kuching, as seen from Four Season in BDC.
I just came back from serving as an external examiner for the final year projects of students from the Visual Art and Technology Program at the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts (FACA), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). I think I have been servicing as the external examiner for the past four years already. It has been a meaningful return and learning pleasure for me.

Cruising in sampan along Sarawak river with a 'pilot' who has been doing it for so many years, brings me back to many fond memories
Night cruise
I want to thank Mr. Anuar Ayob (Head of the Visual Art and Technology Program), Assoc. Prof. Zulkalnain Zainal Abidin (Deputy Dean), Assoc. Prof. Hasnizam Wahid (Dean), Kartik Kumar (Masters student), Rasyid (Masters student), all the lecturers, and most importantly, all the students for receiving me with such good hearts. As usual, I had the pleasure to meet few other old friends like Prof. Nala (of the Faculty of Information Technology), Lin (of the UNIMAS Restaurant), and Jeremy (technician and ol pal who has helped me in many creative projects during my UNIMAS's years). 

Interior view of UNIMAS Library that can easily be converted into an art gallery
Exterior view of UNIMAS campus.
Kartik and Rasyid were very helpful in assisting me and Tengku Sabri (the other external examiner)during our stay. We returned the favor by giving them our frank and direct opinions in regards to their masters research. 

I miss my ol' mind grenade partner (external examiner) NASIR BAHARUDDIN. I strongly believe that Nasir has played a critical (but obscured) role in shaping the direction and quality of the final year projects from the students of the Visual Art and Technology Department of the Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts, UNIMAS. This can be traced in the works of the students in the previous batches. Of course, credits (and constructive criticism) must be given to all the lecturers as well. 

Anyway, it has been another meaningful partnering with another ol pal (and respected senior during my student years at UiTM) TENGKU SABRI. Thank you Tengku Sabri for your presence and critical contribution. It has been one of my many wishes to show you the fruits of one of my many 'planting and gardening' endeavors. I also wish that the three of us can contribute to this fertile 'garden'. I offer my doa that our presence will assist our friends at UNIMAS in charting their future.  

I left part of my heart in Sarawak, specifically Kuching, Kota Samarahan and UNIMAS. Blessed to be back to a place where I learnt many lessons in life. Blessed to be back to a place I used to call home, the birth state of Amira and Ainina, the place where my big ego was tested, humbled and shattered. A place where I was inspired by the pioneering spirit of my friends and students. The students works still inspire and rejuvenate me, whilst making me reminiscing the wonderful experiences of planting a faculty and a university. The past and future are entangled into the present. And yes, it is still a 'present' or special gift to me. That is why I still fly to Sarawak.

Mount Serapi, another gatekeeper of Kuching.
Happy clouds with clear sky.
Two mesmerizing dishes that one can only enjoy at Top Spot Kuching.

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