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Monday, 1 August 2011


Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, 
You came from KL to officiate my solo show in Penang, even though you were not well. You sang for me My Valentine and poked fun at my rebonded hair. You wrote with your hand your speech for my opening and I still have it with me. You gave a postcard saying thank u for my essay for your last major show at the National Art Gallery. You shared many stories during my visit to your house for the essay, and both you and Datin then belanja me makan mee rebus Johor. You used to call me several times out of no where just to share some ideas, one of which related to the notion of light upon light. As an artist so junior compared to your stature, I took it as an honour. You told Dato Gary Thanasan to see me, as I was preparing for an oncoming show. You came to my solo drawing show at Gallery Chandan and asked for my signature. 
Now, where can u get a Seniman Negara like that? My eyes are wet, heart broken. Have to stop here.
Goodbye my sifu, and have a blessed journey into the light. No words to describe this feeling, but I submit to the Will of ALLAH.

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