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Monday, 24 October 2011


In business, our bottom line is always money, or how much money we generate, in competition with and comparison to (usually) what we refer to as our 'competitors' or 'the others'.

Last Friday till Sunday, for two nights, I slept at room 317 in the Damansara Specialist Center to be with my mother (she was admitted a day before). As I was looking at my mother laying on the hospital bed, I was reminded of my own priorities in life and the most important question, what is my bottom line? 

When all the things that I have accumulated are reduced into, well.....mere 'things'; when all the 'values' that I have taken as 'me' are reduced into insignificant fragments of thoughts and residues of feelings, what will be the thing that matters most in my life? Will it be money, fame, position and all forms of material possessions that I can claim as 'mine'? Will these matter most when I'm laying on a hospital bed waiting for my time to return to my Maker?

Looking at a series of pictures of Libyan Gaddafi, beaten, humiliated and then laying dead (after being shot) by bunch of people who were probably as bad (or worse than) him, I began to ask the same question.
What is the bottom line of us, of humanity at large, and where are those clashing bottom lines leading us to?

To be at peace, or to be at war (within our own mind or self especially)?

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