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Friday, 17 May 2013


Ego-based paradigm doesn't work despite the fact that it has been around for thousands of years throughout the history of human 'progress'. It only creates 'losers' regardless of whatever label one puts on his/her forehead, or how much one wants to claim to be a winner. 

Ego-based paradigm refers to a total or complete identification of 'self' with a mental concept and emotional register. A certain mental concept and emotional register can take any form. It can be a political party, government, soccer club, institution we work with, a job or a career, things we buy to create a false sense of self, anything, any 'form'. It is a state when the 'self' is totally 'veiled' or 'slaved' to feed such concept and emotional demand through a certain form (or myriads of forms). 

Yet, most of us are seduced by the lure of 'fighting' evil or darkness, only to be veiled, slaved and trapped by another cycle of false sense of total identification.

Ego-based paradigm is the root of hate, envy, insecurity, anger, grudge, selfishness, greed, arrogance. All are the vibrations of dark energy (some people call it 'power') that will ultimately lead to war and human destruction. War, destruction or dark energy are simply the absence of light or love. 

But we don't really need to 'fight' war or human destruction. What we need is to unveil the light of love that is already embedded or hardwired in everyone of us. Switch on the light, make it glow bigger, darkness will disappear. 

To switch on the light, we just need to be 'aware' of our 'choice' in wearing a 'thinking'(mental concept) and 'feeling'(emotional register). We have the 'choice' to 'wear' a thinking and feeling.  'Being aware' is the beginning of BEing, of living. It fences us from the infiltration of ego.

Thinking and feeling are just an instrument, a dress that we wear, but NOT who we really are. They are temporal and transient, NOT permanent or fixed, just like any natural and man-made physical form around us. Whatever we chose to think (focus on) and feel (emit) will be our higher vibrational signals or frequencies that we send to the universe. Whatever we send, we receive back (even more). Yet, some of us prefer to 'chose' sending 'hate'. In this case, the more we chose to focus on hate (or respond to hate), the more we send hates, and the more hates we will receive back, until we are veiled, slaved or become 'hate' itself, individually and collectively. 

So brothers and sisters, just be cool and simply stop la sending (and responding to) 'hate'. 

Lets send love and gratitude, so that we can all switch on that light within, make it glow to dispel darkness, without too much huuuuu-haaaaa or noises.

Love and gratitude are the secret traits of true winners. Nobody loses in the embrace of love and gratitude.



  1. Greetings Hasnul:

    This is an excellent message of enlightenment. Your words are timely, especially now in the political climate of Malaysia and the world. It is well received by this brother.