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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Other than Bon Ton, another form of re-interpreted cultural text (Malay architecture) in Langkawi is Andaman, a lavish hotel at a secluded area in Langkawi. Surrounded by old rain forest and rocks (Cambrian), and facing the Andaman sea in the northern part of Langkawi, this hotel is also one of my favorite case studies of post-modern cultural text. It provides an interesting comparative reading with Narrel's interpretation at Bon Ton. Again, I brought Noriko (old friend from Fukuoka, Japan, who is doing her Phd research here in Malaysia) to scrutinize the hotel. One of the main features is the adoption of open and extended balcony. Another example is the deployment of the Malay architectural modular parts as a form of wall display for pure aesthetic or retinal pleasure, instead of function and ergonomic.  See for yourselves.

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