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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Gardening is a humbling work, the art of uplifting the veil of seeing, of breathing life, of being, of elevating the soul. Its field is not a man-made canvas, but fine particles of the soil that can silence an arrogant mind. Its space and feel are invocations of time, not the confine of discourses. 

To clear, to sow, to plant, to water, to nurture and enjoy its fruits, all are a part of returning to our natural cycle. Our past gurus had bestowed upon us the secret of unveiling hidden greatness. 

With the sublime recitation of the Quran echoing from the nearby mosque, we bathed ourselves in the light of Ramadahan, putting finishing touch to AIU Video Murals (Virtual Information Electronic Wall - VIEW). The murals are placed at two sides or wings of AIU main administrative building. 

The next day we presented the preliminary video version of AIU's tagline "Humaniversity" and the paradigm and concept of virtual information wall to AIU's chief 'garderner'. 

Then, we did our final video and v.o recording with the always-corporative AIU students. We were swarmed by about 40 of them. 

As we reflected upon the experience, we knew that we were reminded that we are all inter-connected and inter-dependent. Everything has to conspire in myriads of ways to make sure that we were born and able to experience 'life'. Everyone is a part of this supreme Greatness. The whole universe is created for us to exist and become the witness of its greatness, beyond and within, in all its manifestations, its richness and differences. Greatness is everywhere, even right under our nose. We just need to shut our mind and rambling emotion up, submit to zikr to open our quantum pathways. Salam Ramadhan from us at MGTF USM.
Together with Sham (assistant curator, cameraman and video editor), Firdaus (curator, project manager), Izrul (production assistant), Adi (production assistant) and all the practical students (Ain, Murni, Shan, Riz, Melcom, Dib, Sufri), we experienced the United Nations of AIU - of Unity in Diversity, of learning together, of embracing differences as much as celebrating commonalities, gardening universal human values, for a sustainable living, now, here, every 'here' and 'now', all enveloped by the blessing of Ramadhan. 

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