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Thursday, 14 February 2013


My dear 'younger' new media art proponents in Malaysia,

Before you become totally inflicted by short term memory and a serious case of selective amnesia, allow me to offer my 'seposen' reminder. As if looking at a screening or projection of video, try to be aware of the 'source of light', instead of the projected images. Images come and go, but the 'light' stays. It is the 'light' that determines the images. Learn to shift your focus from 'images' to the 'light'. Images may confuse your consciousness especially if you totally identify yourself through them, or become too attach to them, or objectify them as the only version of your 'reality'. You will only end up traped in the world of images, of language or reflections, or shadows, or 'representation', or 'copy', or 'explanation'. Instead, learn to understand the 'source of light', to always be aware of its presence that allows the images to exist, to be experienced. Master thaf awareness, until you become the 'light' itself, passing through a pure, clean and clear  lense. Only then, you will project, witness and experience what we normally call, 'true picture'. 

So my beloved brotha and sista, BE AWARE OF THE LIGHT, not the images.

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