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Saturday, 25 July 2015


Petang tadi saya (Hasnul) dan Andy (Anderson) beraya ke rumah bekas mentor/bos/vc saya di USM, Prof Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak dan Puan Sri Masrah di Nilai. Jgn terpedaya dgn title depan nama, krn dua manusia ni sgt 'humble' dan 'rooted'. Mereka menerima kunjungan kami dgn mesra tanpa udang sebalik mee. 

Sebelum itu, kami pasang niat utk menayangkan H3RO & H3RO:EPILOG sebagai 'private screening' khas utk mrk. Tambah pula, baru2 ni Andy ada terbaca artikel tulisan Tan Sri dlm 'local newspaper' tentang 'the virtue of' balik kampung utk beraya, tema yg sama dgn 'homecoming' dlm H3RO: EPILOG.  

11 tahun saya kerja & belajar tentang 'leadership' bawah Tan Sri. Dia kongsi byk nilai2 yg sama termasuk yg ada pada H3RO. Terdetik dlm hati, kalau dpt 'feedback' dari dia, mesti osem. Ini skrip dan agenda asal kami, tapi tak dimaklum pd Tan Sri. Kami cuma cakap nak dtg beraya. 

Tapi skrip dari langit osemnya infinit. Di atas meja tamu Tan Sri adalah foto2 lama 'hero' dia, arwah ayahandanya Abdul Razak semasa muda. 

Atas meja yg sama ada beberapa poster majlis pelancaran buku tentang jasa dan sumbangan arwah selepas terselamat dari ledakan bom atom di Hiroshima, ditulis oleh 3 org penulis. 

Saya pandang Andy dan terus kata, "ni hero juga ni!!"

So, ingat ya, bukan Wolwerine sorang je yg 'survive' bom atom k. Abdul Razak ialah 'hero' dan satu2nya rakyat Msia yg terselamat utk menceritakan tentang betapa dasyatnya bom atom. 

Kami ditazkirah tanpa paksaan oleh Tan Sri tentang nilai2 budi yg ditinggalkan oleh arwah ayahandanya. Bom atom boleh memusnahkan jasad, bukan jiwa. Yg runtuh itu bangunan, yg bangun itu kesedaran dan budi - budi bahasa, budi bicara, budi pekerti - barulah jadi budiman. Nilai3 budi ini kini semakin pupus. 

Tazkirah Tan Sri memang osem, kerana bertepatan dgn H3RO dan seolah2 kena dgn niat dan suara hati kami mengusahakannya. Kami rasa high. Ia seperti merasai nikmat makan juadah yg sgt lazat, yg rasanya masih terkesan dilidah hingga kami tidak mahu rosakkan dgn menjamah juadah lain. 

Tan Sri panjangkan pesan hero dia...

"Biarlah kita merendah diri, bukan merendahkan harga/maruah diri". 


Saturday, 18 July 2015


Greed is the false global currency that is currently ruling the world. It destroys gratitude and humility, collapsing humanity. It lies deep within everyone on earth, hiding behind myriads of tangible forms that can b easily labeled and conveniently blamed. Time to take it down for good, now! Not by pointing at others. Point at our own self. 



Dear beloved friends,

If we encounter hate, stay firm in disapproving it. Disapprove it strongly, affirmatively. Protect and defend that affirmation with all our heart. Do not, please do not ever allow that hate to seep into our inner-net : ie hating hate. Once it occupies our inner-net, it will colonize us, take over us, control us, pretend to b us, feed us with nothing but hate, and eventually become us. Its ultimate KPI is to break, divide, rule & destroy us.

We r not hate. Hate is the absence of love.




Saya jumpa beberapa keping foto berikut ketika menyelongkar kotak foto lama simpanan arwah Abah (mertua) di rumah pusaka Tok Ambak di kampung Mahmoodiah JB. Foto komposit pra-photoshop awal 1970an ini diambil ketika percutian keluarga di Pulau Pinang (Bukit Bendera). Ia seakan mentertawakan keangkuhan saya terhadap kecanggihan kolaj digital, seni elektronik dan segala saka seni kontemporari jiwa-kacau mesra-galeri yg saya pernah layan sampai senak.



Hate-greed-jealousy r the true global epidemic, threat & enemy. They lie deep within the heart of every human being on this earth, hiding behind myriads of tangible forms that can b lazily labeled, conviniently pointed, hastily blamed, eagerly ridiculed & pretenciously argued or discussed. Labeling, pointing & blaming cannot extinguish them, instead feeding them even more. They can only b healed and cured through gratefulness, mindfullness and unconditional love.

Hate-greed-jealousy cannot survive in gratefulness, mindfullness & love

Always b grateful & mindfull, stay in love.


Sincerity is the real global currency. Its dropping low. Lets change that. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015


No need to go to galleries to c awesome installation anymore. Its getting harder to differentiate between 'contemporary artist' from a product display artist (PDA) My heart goes to PDA. 

This one at Mydin Bukit Jambul, Penang. Nothing to do with George Town Festival k, sorry. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Ego, individual or collective, is the root of evil. 

Ego is rooted in total identification with the illusion of having or owning. It feeds on pride, greed, fear, hate, jealousy, suspicion, insecurity. Any perceived threat to that illusion will b mostly responded with anger & contempt. 

Both anger & contempt (including those hidden deep under the disguise of smart, clever, scholarly, intellectual argument) will not bring anything xcept more anger and contempt.  If spread, they can grow xponentially in a chain reaction (reactions of reactions of reactions so on....) to eventually xplode into a social nuclear bomb that destroys everything, regardless of where one stands.

There seems to b an alarming social nuclear bomb lurking underneath the collective consciousness of Malaysians today. It feeds on anger and contempt. Many people call it racism. Wake up and deal with it, they said. I agree. But what then fuel racism? Racism for me is a skewed sense of collective ego and false sense of pride towards that collective identification. It looks at other forms of collective identification as threats. It immediate reflex will b anger and contempt.

Anger and contempt today have become too over-stated & over-rated (perhaps hip too) almost like a daily wear or toxic addiction especially in the social media. Today, more of us seem to choose to b angry and contemptuous. We seem to chose to focus and invest our mind and feeling on what we dont like, not what we like and enjoy. Perhaps deep inside our consciousness, we enjoy being angry and contemptuous towards whoever or whatever we have chosen and defined as our sworn enemy -  individual, group, race, political party, ideology, thought pattern, preference, taste, who/that dont share what we fancy.

The funny thing is that most of what we have chosen to b angry with are things that we didnt really experience directly. Instead, we just react upon other people's reactions to anger and contempt. More absurd is when we let ourselves slaved by the toxic urge to spread or share our anger and contempt on social media, even getting more angry and contemptuous if others in our circle chose not to entertain (like) our anger and contempt. Absurd.

Plus, there seems to b a simplistic binary in such contempt too, reducing argument into lazy blaming between 2 sides. No grey area, no third and fourth positions, just blaming all problems on whatever we assume our chosen 'binary opposition' stands for. We become obsessed with finding faults, blaming and pointing fingers, accusing, assuming without checking, more than committing towards solutions. 

If we allow such blind anger and lazy contempt to rule our consciousness and the public consciousness, there wont b any substantial transformation, xcept doom. 

Wake up la. B a neuro-transmitter of love and peace. Why busy focusing on fighting anger & contempt (darknes) if one can simply switch on the light (to make the darkness disappear without too much drama).

Focus la on being & doing more good, instead of responding, entertaining & spreading anger & contempt. Thats the reason 'amal ma'ruf' (do good) is placed before 'nahi mungkar' (preventing vice) in Islam. This is my ceposen, based on personal xperience of being a slave to anger & contempt.

Ramadan is a path for the Muslims amongst us to hijrah (shift) to fitrah (true nature) within. We did it by detoxifying our thoughts and feelings from their destructive patterns (addiction to bad patterns of thots and emotion). Not just refraining from eating and drinking, but from whatever vicious cycles of thots & emo that we have grown accustomed to, until they become our self-destructive habbits (like my addiction to rokok, to use a poor example, hahahhh). Whats within is our inner-net. Here, fundamentally, we r all connected as one big family of humanity. Here is where we return to, our abode of peace, through unconditional love. 

Its an uphill battle to clean our clouded inner-net, easy said (or in this case, written) than done. Its an inner jihad (struggle), regardless of where one is physically. Jihad is not simply waging war against whoever one can conveniently label as an enemy. Jihad is a war against the tyranny of one's own evilness that lies within one's thought and feeling. 

No one can 'cakap besar' (brag) in facing this inner jihad because the real Darth Vader or evil to fight is not 'out there', but here deep inside our own selves, our own thots and emo that like to pretend to b the 'I'. Its a slavery of total identification, attachment, desire and lust to a false sense of self or selves, individually and collectively. 

Freedom is the ability to b free from the toxication or attachment to destructive thots and emo. That is true freedom. Its where one's illusion of self is still there (ego), its lingering cravings still there, but they cant bother or distract our higher consciousness anymore. We dont feel like feeding it's insecurity with toxic emotional and mental foods. 

A pure free heart is not attracted to anger or contempt, nor does it allow itself to b distracted by them. If it does, the heart is still not pure. Clean our inner-net. B love, b good do good. Spread them. Transmit peace and love. They r free, and they can free us too, from the slavery of ego.

We really need to save our beloved nation. 

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Its getting a bit hard to distinguish between installations by display artists for shopping complexes from those by so-called contemporary artists. My heart goes to product display artists. 


"Di sini takda kurator bang, pengator ada la"


Siput di Lebuh Acheh, selepas solat Tarawih | 

Snail at Acheh Street after tarawih solat.

"Slow down, son. Submit." like hearing a soothing loving voice of Saidon whispering to that noisy mind of his son, after tarawih solat.

















Semua makhluk tunduk pd fitrah, kecuali yg tamak & tak reti bersyukur  | 

All beings submit to their true nature xcept those who r greedy & ungrateful.

(Komposit jejak pergerakan siput dgn vortex spiral pd gerakan matahari dan semua planet dlm sistem solar)

(composite of traced movement of a snail with spiral vortex movement of the Sun and all the planets in the solar system).


"It is none other than He who progresses or journeys as you. There is nothing to be known but He; and since He is Being itself, He is therefore also the journeyer. There is no knower but He; so who are you? Know your true Reality. He is the essential self of all. But He conceals it by [the appearance of] otherness, which is "you."

If you hold to multiplicity, you are with the world; and if you hold to the Unity, you are with the Truth .... Our names are but names for God; at the same time our individual selves are His shadow. He is at once our identity and not our identity ... Consider!"

- Sufi Master, Ibn Arabi (25 July 1165 – 8 November 1240)

Silence does not need sound, but sound needs silence in order to become a sound. 

A blank paper does not need a writing, but a writing needs a blank paper in order to become a writing.

Nothing does not need something, but something needs nothing in order to become something.

The dance of complimentaries, gathering of opposites, between silence and sound, blank paper and writing, nothing and something. 


Tuesday, 7 July 2015



"Tok Wan selalu ingatkan mengenai pentingnya niat apabila kita lakukan ibadat maupun satu satu kerja atau aktiviti. Jika tak niat kerana Allah ianya menjadi puasa cuma dapat lapar n dahaga. Bahkan klau buat satu aktiviti niat kerana Allah mithalan pergi kerja kerana mencari rezeki yg halal utk keluarga maka dapat pahala klau tidak dapat gaji sahaja. Jadi dlm bulan puasa ni ibadat fardhu dapat pahala berlipat ganda...yg sunat dpt pahala mcm ibadat wajib..cuba buat solat sunat...zikr...sedeqah...berkata baik...hatta senyum sekali pun...tapi jgn senyum seorg sendiri. Dan jangan lupa mencari bonus mlm laitul qadr. Klau boleh mlm akhir 10 satu keluarga ikut giliran berjaga mlm utk solat...zikr n berdoa dan jgn lupa utk doa utk tok wan tok syeh mak bapa adik beradik dan keluarga dak don semua. InsyaAllah klau kita semua buat sudah tentu lebih keberangkalian diantara kita dapat laitul qadr dan berkat doa keluarga dak don selamat dan berjaya dunia akhirat serta keampunan dan kenaikan darjat tok wan insyaAllah. Kita buat sebab mengikut tunjuk ajar tok wan pun dah dapat pahala kpdnya."

"Mulai mlm esok masuk 10 akhir ramadhan seperti mana yg tok wan pesan aka  suruhan Nabi s.a.w dan selalu tok wan buat solat tahajud, zikr, baca alquran, baca terjemah al quran dan berdoa bersungguh utk apa sahaj supaya kita berjaya dunia dan akhirat. Allah sedis maklum hambanya lemah dan selalu terlanjur membuat dosa sebab itu Allah beri peluang utk menghapuskan dosa dan beri puluang melalui ibadat ibadat yg dapat membersihkan diri hamba hambaNya. Salah satu adalah beribadat dan berdoa pd bulan ramadhan dapat menghapuskan segala dosa. Sebab itu org yg dah meninggal ingin sangat kalau dapat berada pd bulan ramadhan dan hadis yv bermaksud rugi bagi mereka yg tidak hapus dosa mereka yg mengerjakan puasa pd bulan ramadhan. Ibadat lain yg boleh menghapuskan segala dosa ialah haji yg mabrur dan tentu sekali mati syahid...yg sebenarnya mereka tidak mati dan terus mendapat nikmat dpd Allah s.w.t. Walahu'alam.

-dari Zaharuddin Saidon

Monday, 6 July 2015


"Ya Tuhan ku, jadikanlah dalam hati ku cahaya yang cemerlang,
Dan pada lidah ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Dan jadikanlah pendengaran ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Dan jadikanlah pada penglihatan ku cahaya yang cemerlang...
Dan jadikanlah di belakang ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Dan hadapan ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Dan jadikanlah dari atas ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Dan jadikanlah dari bawah ku cahaya yang cemerlang
Ya Tuhan ku
berilah daku kecemerlangan"
(Kalau study kuantum atau sifat cahaya, gerenti boleh relate tahap cair dgn doa ini. Doa ditulis oleh superman. Selamat menemui Lailatulqadar. Stay awesome).



Betul ke, penyakit di bawah ni ada pada bangsa Melayu je? Pada bangsa lain langsung takdak ke? Ye ke? Confirm?

Fuyooo dasyat, sampai penyakit pun nak di 'melayu'kan. Kemudian nak di sebar, ditasbih, dibaku, diviral hingga jadi 'lumrah kehidupan Melayu.' Tak cukup2 ke lagi saka, badi fatalisma dan stereotaip Melayu yg dah sedia ada? Melayu malas, Melayu dengki, Melayu subsidi, Melayu makan gaji buta..... byk dah. Cukup la ya.

Ada je yg tak elok (yg segelintir orang Melayu-Islam buat), cepat2 viral satu dunia mcm la bangsa ni je yg 'problem' di Malaysia dan dalam dunia ni. Kesian. Sorang atau segelintir buat, satu bangsa atau seluruh umat kena. Kadang2 tertanya juga, bangsa dan penganut agama lain semua ok je ke dlm Malaysia ni? Takdak isu langsung ke? Bila tanya kawan2 bangsa lain, jawapan dari mereka, "semua orang, semua bangsa, ada isu, ada problem, ada penyakit, bukan bangsa awak je, k. Luv u, stay cool, b osem!"

Kalau penyakit pun nak dibaku dan disampuk stereotaip etnik dan agama, itu teruk dah. Itu kanser. Kansernya adalah menstereotaipkan penyakit dgn bangsa, dan jenama agama, parah.

So tolong la ya. Bangun la sayang Ooi, ni dah masuk abad ke 21. 

Penyakit di bawah ni ada pada SEMUA MANUSIA, bukan Melayu je. Ni penyakit sejagat yg boleh sampuk sesiapa jua tak kira bangsa-keturunan dan darjat. Benci, dengki, keji, caci, khianati, umpati, rasis, tak toleran, jumud, dan byk lagi penyakit hati, boleh hinggap SEMUA ORANG, bukan eksklusif pada orang Islam atau orang Melayu je.

Kalau ada manusia yang kerja dia hanya pandai 'highlight' dosa satu jenis bangsa dan agama je (dalam apa jua aktiviti hidup dia), tolong la jangan layan sgt, wokay braders & sisters semua. 

Gini  la ya. Daripada memilih utk kongsi penyakit di atas, lebih baik kongsi, sebar, viral dan tasbihkan...


1. Bila miskin, usaha lebih ikhlas & gigih utk baiki tahap ekonomi
2. Bila susah, sentiasa bersabar dan terus berusaha
3. Bila meminta, yakin akan dapat diperolehi.
4. Bila kaya, buat amal jariyah bantu orang lain tak kira bangsa, agama, negara, umur atau apa pun perbezaan
5. Bila lebih, bersedekah atau menderma pd semua manusia yg memerlukan
6. Bila diberi, kita syukur sepanjang masa


Stay cool, b osem. Luv u all.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


No dress can beat those designed and tailored by our Wonder Woman (mom). 

The first 2 pictures were taken in the 1970s when my brothers and I used to wear dresses for eid that mom made herself. 

No wonder Eid was sweeter then. 

Zaharul, Zainal, Zaharuddin & Hasnul.