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Thursday, 5 July 2012


Just came back from Langkawi for a workshop and brief moon gazing, Cosmodome and Kebun Bunyi sessions with the participants of a conservation workshop organized by FRIM (Forest Research Institute, Malaysia). Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah (MGTF )USM was also at Penang Matriculation College this week. A busy week indeed. Will be more busy this coming weekend though!

Come 6 to 8 July, streets in Geoge Town heritage enclave will be filled with so many interesting cross-cultural events, you may want to move here forever! 

The events will be a part of the annual (now its forth anniversary) George Town World Heritage Site Celebration, perhaps a much more 'street' and 'common folks-friendly' part of George Town Festival. This is Penang in its uniquely best.

Organized by the Penang State through MPPP, George Town Heritage Inc., Penang Global Tourism, plus so many community-driven NGOs, groups, organizations, associations, individuals, etc, the events are themed "Live Heritage", implying that heritage is perhaps substantially living and breathing in Penang, not just a touristic showcase (hopefully!). Of course, the events are the results of the works by those who spend their life working on making George Town a sustainable heritage and cultural enclave through many ways. Despite the lingering colonial underpinning, George Town offers many 'centrics', a diverse amalgamation of cross-cultural influences that has been defining the city even before the colonial period.  Ya, ya, Penangites can be perceived as annoying, kedekut, critical, like to argue or whatever, but notwithstanding all those, they can also produce enticing things/events together.

MGTF USM has been invited by the Yayasan Islam Penang to contribute to the celebration along the Lebuh Acheh street, together with many others, such as Badan Warisan Masjid Lebuh Acheh, Jabatan Mufti Penang, and so many more, I lost count already. Well whatheheck, we just shut up, participate and contribute (rather than bicker, or worse, theorize like we are so clever one!). 

So, mai la George Town from 6-8 July 2012..  

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