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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


1984, grooving in Perindu UiTM.
1986, Fine Art Studio, School of Art & Design, ITM
1987, Tasik Chini unplugged
1987, Tasik Chini unplugged with (from left) Wak Leh, Arwah Zaki (AlFatihah for my brader), Midi, ?, ? Rondo. Arwah Roskang joint later to provide lead for the blues numbers. Wak Ki dan Wak Kang, fatihah for both of you, may you be at peace. Notice that similar guitar, its Fauzan's again.
1987, Tasik Chini unplugged. Macho Fauzan and Taufik standing to provide additional security. Wak Leh doing the live recording, and I still have that 'ol school cassette tape with me. Listening to it.....surreal, and humbling. Music bond people and friendship is not for sale.
1987, Tasik Chini unplugged, with Sifu Chong Kam Kaw and his family listening and appreciating. Sifu Chong Kam Kaw was my discipline master then, but he was sporting enough to listen to my blues ranting. I was blessed with great teachers.
1987, grooving with Mat Lenggong (forgot his name), UiTM Library Front. With many thanks to Sifu Fauzan who was bold in his persistence in forcing me to sing in public for an art exhibition opening. Both guitars were his.
Poyo....Jumbo jet can land on that glasses...
1987, Sarawak Museum, Kuching, with guess who?................Raja Shahriman.
1987, Opening of "Pameran Sketsa" at Dayabumi Complex, with Kadi and Raja, another Fauzan's idea. Kadi's fingers was like water flowing in a river, while Raja's jazzy chords was out of this world. Where r u guys my friends?
1988, Malam ABADI, again with Kadi and Raja. Both of them were from Industrial Design Department. We were like brothers even across different field of study. Sadly today, such 'ukhwah' is rare even within similar field, like fine art. Music really brings people together. Abadikanlah.....haunting lyric by Taufik.

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