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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


"Last Sunday, 2 October 2011, my mom and I were invited by Koru Contemporary Art to the opening vernissage of Fine Art Asia, and I must say it was rather enjoyable. It wasn't just art that we managed to set our eyes upon, as there were lots of antiques as well. Since my mom loved the exquisite antique silk textiles and costumes from the imperial courts of China, it was like a kid visiting a candy shop to her. The embroidery on the collection from Teresa Coleman Fine Arts was beautiful, and I must say, the symbols of authority on the imperial robes were somewhat intriguing, since it really isn't so intuitive. Who would have thought that pheasant symbolises literary refinement and education?"

"The displays ranged from ancient bronzes, stone wares, ceramics, furniture, textiles and jades, to fine art jewellery, antique silver and sculptures, to impressionism and modern art. We ogled at some antique diamond brooch that is the size of my fist, and were in awe of Wattis Fine Art's collection of rare ancient maps. One of the most exciting exhibitions for the kids in the house was by Hasnul Jamal Saidon, as his pieces were interactively controlled by a touch screen computer. Today, 7 October 2011, is the last day of the exhibition, so seize the chance to visit before it closes!"

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