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Sunday, 3 March 2013


To Koon, Roopesh, Suzi and all who wish to tap into the quantum power of love, focused mind and enthusiasm in doing whatever you are doing. This is a beautiful example of how such power unveils itself, in this case, by bringing right people together without planning or appointment. We discussed extensively on the need to re-visit e-art and look at the cultural impacts of information technology in the visual art scene post 1st e-art show. We talked about how NVAG can contribute pro-actively towards a sustainable visual art 'ecology' through EDU@nvag, the outreach and educational wing of NVAG. Then, I mentioned Niranjan's name during my introduction of Fairuz Sulaiman's "Salam 1 Jepun", as a part of EDU@nvag's supporting initiatives this year. The morning after, his parents appeared, with Suzy. Its like that deeper or fundamental level of our interconnected consciousness decides to manifest itself at the right time or moment, right place, to give a blessing signal. Perhaps it implies that love brings the likewise people together, that all those disjointed dots have to come together to create a new picture. So much love I felt when Appa and Amma held my hand and hugged me repeatedly, with watery eyes, reminiscing the times when I used to worked with their son Niranjan at UNIMAS, when amma used to proofread our essays (ya, those who read our 1st. Electronic Art Show essays, should thank her for her proofreading). Appa looked at me like looking at his own son and said, "You introduced my son to electronic art", I reached out and kissed his hand. Couldn't ask for a better day.

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