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Saturday, 7 July 2012


In case you forget, and regardless of how much you think of yourself as an expert in heritage, spiritual heritage is more substantial than any technical jargon or heritage concept or theory that you may conjure. My heritage is spiritual heritage, passed to me from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his companions, all the gurus up to my parents. So, please la, dont give me that tired lecture and technical mumbo jumbo of your UNESCO-defined heritage. If u know how to respect my spiritual heritage, that is good enough. Your noisy interpretation of what u assume as heritage, is yours. But do respect the spiritual heritage of those u take as 'others'. If u ask me, all heritage education should lead one to unveil his or her shared spiritual root, not merely physical noises. Focusing on merely physical dimension of heritage is a blatant ignorance of its spiritual dimension. Thank u.

Salawat (Praises to the Prophet Muhammad) by Tahfiz students at Lebuh Acheh, Penang.

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