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Monday, 26 December 2011


Ok, we at MGTF (Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah) USM can provide our stakeholders (rakyat Malaysia) with all the KPIs, fancy statistics, numbers, grafts and charts that document all our tangible achievements. Ya...ya, they are termed as 'strategic information', and now perhaps can be accessed in this particular center in USM with a name too long, I can't remember. The so-called 'strategic information' can also be accessed in our reports. 

On the other hand, what we cherish more are those intangible values that we have managed to vibrate and share with all of you (our visitors). These intangible vibes are beyond KPIs, they were meant to be experienced (alami). 

The following photos are poor (but reasonable) replications of such 'alami'. We have been gaining myriads of 'renewable' energies from our visitors especially kids. Visitors are our superstars, our VIPS, our life and bloodline (not just 'statistics or numbers). Of course we like to brag about our 'collections' too, but the collections meant nothing without our visitors to witness them.

Investing in the intangible (we like to refer to it as 'light') doesn't require 'money' and large 'budget'. What is needed is sincere love in sharing our shared heritage and humanity. I (and my team at MGTF USM) humbly present these pictures to all of you out there, our beloved visitors (and potential visitors) for all the beautiful 'alami' .....Let us return (transform back or 'hijrah') to our true nature (fitrah) together.

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