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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Ainina, you are my eyes. Your birth is a gift of sight beyond form from Allah. You make me see 'love'.
You are a bundle of joy for me and your mama.
You are always by my side, even when I am busy 'gardening'  (to bear 'fruits' for everybody to enjoy)
You have grown together with me, with Mama, with your sisters Adeela and Amira, and don't forget, with the place that Abah works with, the MGTF (Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah).
It is now the time of joy for all the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us
And this is your respond to your UPSR result, as well as for all the 'A's in your life.
Allah's Greatness is already in you. You just need to be cool, be with Allah. Seek 'doa' from Mama, Tok Syeh and Tok Mak.

We seek 'A's in life because greatness is already inherent (within or inside) all of us. They are not meant for us to brag or to be a snob or to show off. 'A's are reflection (bayangan) of Allah's 'A'ffection. We manifest (zahirkan, jadikan) these 'A's for us to bear witness (saksi) the Greatness of Allah.

The truth is, 'A's are a already a part of us, our 'fitrah' or true nature. 

And best of all, all the 'A's that we may collect in this world, will be our investment for the ultimate 'A', Akhirat. That is our eternal home where we will return to.

My doa for your success in UPSR my sweet Ainina.