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Friday, 2 September 2011


Raya in JB, 2011. See the cloud formation in the shape of love as if the universe concurs. Greatness is everywhere.

My love goes to all of you, Adeela, Amira and Ainina for all the birthday greetings.

As we are also celebrating Hari Raya (to celebrate our 'success' or 'victory' in reclaiming our freedom from 'nafsu') and also 'Hari Kemerdekaan' (to celebrate our 'success' and 'victory' in reclaiming our land from 'penjajah'), please allow Abah to write a 'lecture (can't help it. Just to remind, Abah is in fact a 'lecturer' by profession)'. Abah also shares this on fb for our networks of friends (to read, comment, correct, improve, refine).

My sweet little princesses, Adeela, Amira and Ainina. All of you have grown so fast. Every moment Abah looks at other things in life, Abah seems to miss something new about each of you. The three of you have blossomed into more than a beautiful girl. the three of you have been a 'gift and blessing' from Allah to Abah and Mama, way too precious beyond anything in this world. The three of you have been Abah's and Mama's 'miracles of life' to witness everyday for the past 12 to 19 years of our life.

It also seems like it was yesterday when Abah and Mama saw these cute little baby faces at the Troy Samaritan Hospital, New York, USA (Adeela) and Hospital Besar Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia (Amira and Ainina).

For 'Adeela', you were named that way because your birth have shown Abah and Mama that Allah is "Yang Maha Adil". Your are the 'manifestation' (penzahiran) of that. No matter how 'unfair' our messy little world seems to be around us, ultimately, in a larger scheme of things, all is fair. Fairness (keadilan) appears when one submit to love, not demands and greed, or hates, envy and anger. Your birth has taught Abah and Mama that very important lesson.

Amira, you were named "ketua" (a leader) because your birth came when Abah was struggling to lead so many 'fronts' then. Your birth has given Abah (and Mama as well) the extra push to be steadfast in 'leading our life', and more importantly, leading our own mind and feeling to return to our 'fitrah', our true nature, and to dance with the Will of Allah.

'Ainina', we named you "mata kami" (our eyes) because your birth has allowed Abah and Mama 'to see' beyond the limitation of form (jasad). In other words, 'to see LOVE' (of Allah) revealed to Abah and Mama in a form of this beautiful baby (you). You are the 'eyes' of Hasnul Jamal and Rozana Mohamed, the revelation of our love, the witness of our compassion towards each other and towards Allah.

Each time, each of you were born, it was like the universe telling Abah and Mama, look! here is the precious gift direct from your Creator, specially delivered to both of you for investing in 'unconditional love'.

So you see, you have to know that each of you are very special (like everyone else in this world, even if they don't realize it).

How can you not be special. For each of you to be born, all the very inter-connected, inter-dependence, complex and intricate circumstances in the whole universe (which of course is extremely large) must 'conspire' (work together secretly) to make sure that a baby named Adeela, or Amira, or Ainina will be born. Can you imagine, THE WHOLE UNIVERSE had to work inter-dependently together (even if no one notice) so that ADEELA, AMIRA and AININA will exist! Very 'lasyat' isn't it?

That means, the whole universe is (and has been) inter-dependently a part of each of you, Abah and Mama! In fact, you are a beautiful part of all the stars, the galaxies, the supernovas, the constellations, the solar system, the planets, the earth, the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the rivers, the animals, the plants, the whole human race! We are all inter-connected and inter-dependent. All must 'conspire' (including all humans, even if they didn't realize it) to make sure that ADEELA, AMIRA and AININA will be born!

So my three sweet princesses, all of you (and everyone else actually, including Abah and Mama) are a part of this SUPREME GREATNESS! Let it be your 'tasbih' and 'tahmid', your permanent awareness (or in fancy terms -  'state of mind'/'). Of course, Abah would use the word, 'quantum field' (which simply refers to your mind and feeling, that unseen energy).

So, don't let anything or anyone take that 'greatness' away from you. Its your 'firewall'. Heck, its you!

Now, let Abah explain more by asking you this, what are the things or circumstances that needed to happen inter-dependently in order for you to be born? Obviously, so many, in fact countless. Moreover, all the inter-connected and inter-dependent circumstances and events must be super-duper perfect......your Mama and Abah had to be born, had to meet each other, had to fall in love, had to be 'IN LOVE' (Abah will explain to the three of you about what it means to 'BE IN LOVE' later), to get married and so on, so forth. That is so complex for any human being to handle.

Now, lets go a bit further back in time. For your Mama and Abah to be born, your Tok Mak, Tok Bah, Tok Wan and Tok Syeh had to be born and to meet, to fall in love with each other, to get married. Surely that needed super-duper planning.  Needed to be perfect, no mistake at all, zero margin of error. Now lets go back much further. For all your grandparents to be born etc, your great grandparents had to be born, and so on, so forth. To cut things short, for your great great great grandparents to be born, human beings must be created and exist. Now, you know how complex human beings are, not to mention to create one! Anyway, for human beings to exist, earth must be created and exist. For the earth to exist, the solar system must be created. For the solar system to exist, the sun must be created. For the sun to exist, the universe must be created.


Isn't that 'Greatness'? We were all born out of greatness, it is already within us., not just for one day, but everyday, every moment, every second of our conscious life. That is how important you are. Well, that is how important all of us are. We just need to unveil it, instead of veiling (obscuring or closing) it. Most of the time, especially all around us today, we see humans 'veiling' their greatness, instead of 'unveiling' them.

For us to unveil this greatness, we need to reclaim our mind, to free it from being enslaved (dihambakan) by 'nafsu'. We need to free it from a 'bad and noisy manager' of mind/thinking (that only knows how to churn harmful thinking that feeds harmful feelings, that prompt harmful acts/behaviors).Instead of this bad manager, that 'silent witness' (or for some, the 'soul') must reclaim its place as the master of the mind. Only after we have managed to silent this bad manager of thinking (and feeling), that this silent witness can be stronger.

For the 'soul' to reclaim its place, we were taught by our 'Penghulu/Guru', Nabi Muhammad S.A.W to manage our mind (thus feeling), to channel it, to tune it, to synchronize it, to submit and return to our true nature (fitrah). Best annual period to do it is during the month of Ramadhan. It is through Ramadhan that we went through this regimented training (some call it a war with 'self') to restrain from 'negative thoughts' first, before anything else (everything begins with 'thought'). We detoxify, cleanse our mind and emotion from all forms of mental toxic and emotional poison. We return to a state of inter-connectivity and inter-dependence with the Will of Allah (clean like a baby). Only then, we can dance in synchrony and harmony with the cosmic energy, to elevate the soul and finally, to be a part of the much, much bigger, finer and subliminally beautiful whole.

In doing so, we pray that we may return to the One, the Giver and Origin of Love (everyday, every moment, every second). That is what Ramadhan, Hari Raya, Hari Kemerdekaan and Hari Lahir mean (at least to Abah and Mama, as what we have learned from our gurus, and our gurus from theirs up to Rasulullah S.A.W).

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