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Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have been running camps, workshops and lectures on 'creativity' so many times. But I never get tired of doing it. It always refreshes me and gives me more energy. Perhaps it was due to the fact that creativity is fundamentally a healthy quantum state. I've met many different people from various walks of life, from small kids to senior citizens; sparking and receiving their creative vibes, and enjoying every moment.

One workshop that seems to stand out amongst many is the one that I did for this thing called "Creanova" (maybe a combination of creativity and supernova), jointly organised by the National Art Gallery (now, National Visual Art Gallery) and the Malaysia Productivity Center (MPC). 

It was a brainchild of Zanita Anuar, then the Director of something? (sorry, don't remember) at the National Art Gallery (NAG). If I could recall, it had to do with initiating or driving creativity and innovation amongst key movers in the creative industry, including merging both the arts and sciences. Several 'clever-clever' people were invited to speak, including Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, then the Vice-Chancellor of USM. Sheikh Muzaffar, our 'poster-boy' astronaut was also invited, plus Ike (filmmaker), Izu (designer), and few others. My friend Yap Sau Bin plus few of the NAG's and MPC's staffs also took part. 

Always good for my quantum field to be surrounded by creative people
Azrul, Faridah and the rest having fun with Zip-Zap-Boing
Ai Woei figuring out who she is.
Izu, lost.
Ike(right) and Saubin(middle)

I was given the task of running a short lecture and workshop on creativity, and giving a 'night at the musuem' kinda tour to all the participants. It went very well. I had a good time with the participants. 

Tour of the contemporary art gallery
Looking at MGTF's modern art collection
Tour of the traditional heritage gallery

I was wondering about the follow-ups, which of course, didn't really materialize (at least in a way it was intended originally). Creativity and innovation may not be a very good match with government institutions. One can make a novel chronicling such marriage. Based on my practical experience, I can lament forever on this. It can bleed into a boring and depressing lecture on the fate of creativity (or independent 'thinking') in public institutions. But some other grumpy people can perhaps blog about it (or they had already!).

I'm attaching a response from Zanita on the workshop that I ran. Ya, she is my friend, so her testimonial may not be taken seriously. That's ok. But, I put it here as a way of saying thank you for inviting me to be a part of this project. Words of praises and motivations can sometimes be a very rare commodity when one is working for a government institution.

Even though the workshop may not lead towards it's intended KPIs, I hope it has contributed towards many more intangible vibes that one can't quantify easily into numbers or graphs or charts. 

Pictures tell more words in representing one of many meaningful episodes in my own personal chronicle of creativity (in government institutions), including in converging both the arts and sciences to create a sustainable learning and teaching experience for all. So, I'm attaching as many pictures here. 

My doa to all the participants and thank you again.

"Creanova as an experience was embodied by MGTF. The program presented itself through like-minded individuals in MGTF who (although had not been given a detailed brief by NAG) were instinctively motivated to aspire towards excellence of body and mind. The physicality of the museum space, objects and structures had provided the impetus of a potential energy which the Director of MGTF harnessed and embodied so as to alleviate such energy both the rational and emotional intellect of all participants. I observed great satisfaction even from the greatest. The great Malaysian astronaut, Datuk Sheikh Muzaffar who has scaled such heights of national aspiration and success, actually came down to earth to interact and embrace the simple truths of astronomy again with Assoc. Prof. Chong Hon Yew. It was an experience only a visit to MGTF could have made happen."
(Zanita Anuar)

Visit by Sheikh Muzaffar with my science sifu, Dr. Chong welcoming him.
Malaysian astronaut at MGTF's space station
"That's the cockpit, totally different than the one you were in"
Sheikh Muzaffar signing his picture
Group photo with MGTF's staffs.
Dr. Chong brings Sheikh Muzaffar back down-to-earth. "Wa caya lu Dr. Chong!"
"Thank u brader!"
"Feel the force, and dance with it."
"Everything starts from within"
Zanita having a big laugh
Time for the left brain...tour of the space station by Creanova participants

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