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Friday, 15 June 2012


Supplementary visuals:
The 'tebar layar' or gable ends of a typical Malay house, serve to direct wind into the house to cool the roofing space. Many have beautiful carvings and allow light into the house. The 'tumpal' structure or triangular shape relates to the Malay-Islamic cosmology, as epitomized by 'pohon hayat'. It signifies the balance symbiosis between the ontological (vertical ascend) relationship between humans and their Creator (habluminallah); as well as the epistemological (diagonal and horizontal descend) relationship between humans (habluminannas). It is 'getting high and getting real' in action. The radiant pattern found in some design can be related to 'radiant thinking' (check Tony Buzan's); as well as many patterns found in Nature (Source: Lim Jee Yuan, "The Malay House : Rediscovering Malaysia's Indigenous Shelter System.")
Radiant pattern of natural architecture, leaf of saw palmetto plant. See hidden patterns or order, not just forms. Nature is also a mathematical expression of the Creative Force of the Universe. Eastern forms of traditional art mostly employ patterns to return us back to our 'nature', to order, to be a part of the Creative Force of the Universe. They are not merely 'decorations' as stigmatized by some dominant discourses of modern art derived from the Western-centric reading. Eastern forms of traditional art and heritage reflect a quantum reading of the universe, not classical. They focus on synchronizing the spirit, mind-emotion and the body/form; not just merely replicating forms.  (Source: Tony Buzan Barry Buzan, "The Mind Map".)

Symbolism in the traditional Kelantan Malay house. The upper part of the house (roof with 'tumpal'structure) symbolizes the upper part of human body. (Source : Muhammad Afandi Yahya, "Simbolisma Dalam Seni Bina Rumah Melayu Kelantan".)
The diagram of "Gunung Ledang/Tanjung Kupang" by Syed Ahmad Jamal. The 'tumpal' structure (triangular), here again relates to Malay-Islamic cosmology, in this case, seven zones corresponding to the seven heavenly spheres.
A Malay house epitomizes a sustainable symbiosis of art and science, sort of a dance of opposites. Another excellent example of balancing the 'getting high and getting real' dichotomy. In this case, it is not just an art of symbolism, but also a science of weather, showing a deep understanding of climatic design. (Source: Lim Jee Yuan, "The Malay House : Rediscovering Malaysia's Indigenous Shelter System.").
Another example of Eastern cosmology and quantum diagram; the balancing of 'getting high and getting real'; the embrace of Shiva and Shakti, the  'dance of opposites, in symbiosis'.....Ying and Yang of a Pah Kwa. It sends bad luck or bad eye (intention, energy, frequency) back to whence it came. At the back is a compas pointing in all directions.
Gathering of the opposite principles. (Source: Laleh Bakhtiar, "SUFI, Expression of the Mystic Quest").
A round conceptual map showing the stages of ascend and descend according to 'Ala al-dawlah Simmani. Chart from Ardatan and Bakhtiar. (Source: Laleh Bakhtiar, "SUFI, Expression of the Mystic Quest").

Natural architecture. A photomicrographs of centric diatom. See the round shape and  'fractal-like' branching and sub-branching patterns, similar principles found in many forms of Eastern traditional art. (Source: Tony Buzan Barry Buzan, "The Mind Map".)
Our solar system. The 3 illustrations show the results of a computer simulation of the formation of our solar system, adapted from G.W. Wehterill.  (Source: "Universe", 2nd. edition, Kaufmann).
Circumpolar star trails. Perhaps Van Gogh's veil was opened and he saw this before he worked on his seminal "Starry Night". (Source: "Universe", 2nd. edition, Kaufmann).
The enormous size of the known universe. Each successive black sphere is a thousand million times as big as the one before it. (Source: Tony Buzan, "Use Your Head").
The original source of 'Getting High Getting Real', the dance or gathering of opposite principles - our brain - the best and most precious gift, for us to employ in order to 'witness' and experience 'living'. The brain is where consciousness dwells, the projector of our living experience. What we assume as 'my mind' perceives the brain. Who is then behind 'my mind', the silent witness who is looking at 'my mind'. Eastern cosmology and quantum physic seem to be dwelling into these questions. Mind is humanity's next frontier. To be in synchrony with the Creative Force of the Universe, one must first unveil the mind. The illustration shows two sides of the cortex and their dominant processes. from L. Gill. (Source: Tony Buzan, "Use Your Head").


  1. Wow, this is good information. Had no idea the symbolism behind a traditional Malay house. Thanks for the education. :)

  2. salam, gambar buku yang di ambil ni apa tajuknya?