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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Dean Nana, your are truly the ambassador of the soothing beauty and therapeutic nature of hand-painted batik art for Penang and Malaysia. You don't have to travel the world, but the world comes to you. You don't need a mega festival to tell and brag about your talent and little world of batik. You are not bothered by the lack of acknowledgement from the media, individuals and authorities related to batik, heritage, women, Malay and Islamic affairs, creative and visual art in Penang, even though you are very appreciative towards those who believe in your talent, including friends in the visual art circle such as the Penang State Art Museum. You persist despite all the obstacles thrown at you, including harassment from some 'self-appointed' enforcement officers and 'self-righteous' heritage fundamentalists. 

Yet, many people from all over the world, from all walks of life, young and old, have been touched by your passion to the art of hand-painted batik. Your small shops are certainly a global site with a local sensibility.

In your own humble way, and without all the glitter and glamor that one normally associate with 'a successful artist', you have been gardening the historical Lebuh Acheh, Penang for the past one year with your wonderful artistic touch, welcoming personality, humility and natural flair. More importantly, you have built a family of local and international friends that reaches beyond many artificial borders. Your guest book is a testimony of love and passion, filled with notes and reflections from your satisfied fans. 

I am blessed to be your number one fan.

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