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Friday, 30 August 2019



Bapak & Duma ku. Sampai hujung nafas, sampai syurga. Aku ikut terbang bersama hilang kamu berdua. Hati hilang, fikir cair jadi zikir, rasa diam dlm Dia.

Bila aku jauh dari kebingitan tamak, benci & dengki, aku jumpa kamu berdua. Sgt dekat & lekat dlm lubuk hati yg senyap & redha. Itulah agaknya kemerdekaan sejati, bebas dari penjajahan nafsu. Kasih & belas kamu berdua terus aku gemakan sampai akhir nyawa.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019




This is another long entry, not for those with short attention span & lack sense of focus.

22 years ago, 4 years after coming back from my Master's in the US in 1993, I shared my hyper-viewing. I was partly echoing Ismail Zain's foresights in his "Digital Collage" (1988). The works were my respond to the emerging hyper-modernity then. Partly also in respond to the ultra-modernity of Malaysian art.

After I came back, sometimes I felt a bit like a stranger in my own country. I had a bad time justifying my ideas to people around me. I was taken by angst & cynicism. Angst & cynicism (and the eventual parodies) were even taken as my motivations, sentiments & 'artistic stratergies'. There were lots of arrogance in me too. The exhibition was also a reminder for myself of what to come & expect.

Today, most of us r hyper-viewing through social media & the internet on a daily basis. We are the hyper-viewers. Hyper-modernity & post-modernity are running amok. Many things are deconstructed & probably will b in a state of permanent deconstruction. There is no binding & unifying narrative. There are too many fragmented & opposing narratives, each deconstructing its others. Angst, cynicism & parodies are  everywhere, even fore-fronted for profits (bad news & bad people sell like hotcakes). They are like an orgy of media & online toxic discharges. Too much of online toxic discharges are bad for mental health. They epitomize a critical healing crisis period.

We are in a period of healing crisis. There are many clear signs for a society in a need of healing, now. We need healing, critically. Yet the call for healing has always been shut by constant denials & scepticism. The denials come in many levels - individually, collectively, insititutionally. I have experienced such denials & scepticism few years ago. Instead of 'belas' (compassion), many were attracted to 'belasah' (bashing each other). The healing is within. The healing takes place within the inner-net, not internet.

Wake up please. NOW.

22 years ago, or even 31 years ago if we include the foresight & reminder from my late guru, Ismail Zain, in 1988.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


"Prof, ilmu di UNIMAS dalam elektronik Art adalah asasnya.. dulu buta komputer... first years takut pegang Keyboard dan tak pernah tengok Mac. Datang dari Kg Sabah... Tapi saya amat kagum ilmu Prof Kebun Jiwa Halus pertama kali jumpa. Saya sangat hairan komputer boleh melukis. Saya budak kampung buta komputer apalagi melibatkan hasil seni sangat fobia dengan peralatan ini. Ilmu baru ini membuatkan semangat saya membuak2 untuk belajar. Saya masih ingat prof cakap dan selalu saya bagi tahu kawan2. Prof bagi tahu saya , awak dapat cemerlang bukan pandai tapi awak sangat rajin... walaupun kata2 tu singkat tapi banyak mengubah nasib saya dan keluarga. Ilmu ini banyak mengubah segala2 termasukan kesannya kepada Keseluruhan masyarakat kami di sini... Kesannya amat besar sekali... Terima kasih Ilmu prof  yang di curahkan selama ini. Idola yang hebat... sangat hebat..."

Tentera Gulang
Kota Belud

Tuesday, 20 August 2019


Take good care of our inter-connectivity. Its a field of energy that defines us. If there is a disconnection, please correct & heal the disconnection. Disconnection is apathy & ignorance. Both are the roots of hate. Hate is the source of anger & destruction. May all of us b shielded from such destruction.

I am blessed to know & learn from these individuals. There r many individuals out there who have been instrumental in my path. Too many to list down. Of course I cant b with all of them in person all the time, especially now as i am more interested in healing my own inner connectivity first. Yet, I am entangled with all of u out there through my doa.

Doa may appear to some as a passive act. But I disagree. From a quantum point of view, it is very pro-active, very instrumental & has a direct implication towards our daily beingness. We are not just what we think & feel, but more importantly, what we BELIEVE.

Please believe in love & compassion, the fundamental binding or interconnecting energy field that defines our beings. We are entangled with each other through this energy field. We are a part of it.


Dato Mazlan (left) & Dato Najib. Science & Art sifus. Have learned so much things from both of them. As a trained astrophysicist, Dato Mazlan has been my main sifu & source of reference on physics, especially quantum physics. I used to work with her in few pioneering art & science projects in Langkawi & Sabah since 2000. Dato Najib brought me to USM in 2003 to work under him as a Program Head & Deputy Dean. He was the one who suggested to USM's VC then Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak (now IIUM's Rector), to place me at the USM Museum & Art Gallery @mgtfusm. With him & Tan Sri, we worked on transforming, rejuvenating & rebranding the place. He also forced me to b a board member of the National Art Gallery for 4 years. Passionate, hardworking, straight talk, no nonsense, garang, zero tolerance for laziness, annoying & abrasive for those who berlawan angin with him, he is also a walking encyclopedia of Nusantara cosmology, batik symbolism & regional wisdom. @rumahtokcu was partly inspired by his Sari Chempaka, and driven by his provocation. His insistence & bickering got me an Assoc Professorship (“hang pi apply sekarang, jgn tunggu sampai kedut?). May Allah grant them guidance, strength, good health, peace & happiness.

This is Ruzaika Omar Basaree, my art & design guru during my 1st year foundation at UiTM in 1984/85. So happy to c her still active teaching, inspiring, researching, writing, making artworks. Few years ago, we presented a paper on khat as a form of visual zikir in Brunei for a Conference themed Negara Zikir. I also invited her as a guest writer for a book entitled "Iqra' - The Garden of Wisdom" that I edited back in 2010. Keep on rocking my sifu!! May Allah grant u with good health, peace & happiness.

On 23rd. September 2016. Jeganathan came to my ‘Kebun’ (little abode) at 7 Tingkat Permai in Penang with his two students, Jaysree and Maheswary. He gave me a crash course on aural healing.  It was a convergence of the arts and sciences, body and soul, on what really matters, with mutual respect between scientific and artistic paradigms, across two inter-twined cultures and spiritual traditions – Hindu and Islam. Throughout the night, Jeganathan was like a repository of boundless energy that emanated effortlessly with heartfelt insights and wisdom. He enthusiastically shared his journey into the field of sound vibration and aural healing, complete with generous demonstrations and practical examples for us to internalize. I recalled my father's 'air penawar' (healing water), and how he used to recite certain verses from the Quran in front of a bottle of mineral water for healing purpose. The practice is based on the idea of water as a conducive medium that can be embedded with vibrational information or memory. Through directed intention and frequencies of the verses, the water is believed to be embedded or coded with a healing energy. Such idea has also been labelled as pseudo-science by the mainstream scientific community, specifically referred to as placebo, a form of psychological ‘make believe’. Yet, there have been increasing numbers of scientific research on the effectiveness of sound vibration as a healing method, with interesting findings that are opened for further debates. For Jeganathan as I can recall, our heartbeats are the ‘heart’ of physics, encompassing three fundamental components – rhythm, melody and harmony. All are key principles of sound frequencies. 
Nice to see u again bro. All the best with ur your project in Sphaera trans-disciplinary research initiative under Dr. Lyne (@lyne_ismail) at UM.

THE #TRANSMEDIATORS - transcending disciplinary boundaries, beyond the polarity of science & art, dissolving the tired demarcation of scientist & artist, beyond the increasingly defunct streaming of humans into science and art streams, ending the spliting of humanity into two (left & right brain). Embracing multiple intelligences or multiple learning styles, empowering 7 chakras, ascending 7 makams of the soul, celebrating quantum trans-dimensionality, enhancing quantum engtanglement and inter-connectivity through love & compassion. U-wei, Kok Yong & Roopesh, in one room, sharing a table. Rare moment. I can write a book about them. I admire their works. Can learn so much from their works. Blessed to know them.

Monday, 19 August 2019


CINDERELLA MENJERIT.  Cinderella jerit dari menara pd aku mlm tadi, "Duhai sedara Hasnul. Saya faham kamu jemu. Saya akur kamu tahu. Ya, benar, ini adalah istana saudagar mimpi. Ya betul, aku hanyalah fiksi. Ya, saya akur, bahawa para saudagar mimpi itu cukup handal menganak-tiri & mengkosumerkan makhkuk sebumi. Mereka pencuri hati & penjangkit zombie. Jampi mereka memukau warga sebumi. Ramai yg tersantau terpukau. Ramai yg melanggan lupa dlm dunia buatan yg mengajar pura2. Hasilnya dikaut oleh mereka yg kurang dari 1% penduduk sedunia. Sedang kamu & berbilion yg lain tetap dibawah sana mabuk dlm lupa. Hanya mampu mengkagumi mahligai kuasa & tahta dari bawah saja. Duhai Hasnul, saya nak tinggalkan pesan. Tak perlu mengejar nama dan dikejar benda bertahta utk membina makna. Belas kasih bukan boleh ditanda-tanda dgn harga. Hidup bukan tentang siapa yg terbaik. Hidup adalah tentang berbuat baik. Saya, snow white, aladdin & jasmine, mickey & miney, pluto, donald, rapunzel, ucapkan 'selamat bermimpi'. Kami yg fiksi ini mendoakan agar kamu sekeluarga bermimpi dlm sedar. Kami gembira dpt menjadi sebahagian dari keceriaan anak-anak kamu. Kirim salam pd semua rakyat malaysia. Luv u all. Mmuah " @ Tokyo Disneyland

Saturday, 10 August 2019


Hari ini cerah, kawan kita jernih & mengalir lembut. Tadah rahmat cinta. Kirim doa. Biar mengalir serata bumi, jadi penawar semua insan.

Today is sunny, our friend is cystal clear & flowing softly. We hold the blessing of love. Sending prayer. Let it flow everwhere, to heal all.



“En. Hasnul, camna nak faham teori gelombang kuantum?“
“Alami perangai air."

(“Mr.Hasnul, how to understand quantum wave theory?“ 
“Experience the behavior of water")



"GELOMBANG" oleh @delly.adeela, dgn suntingan oleh ayahandanya. Direnung & dirakam di Sungai Sedim berhampiran @rumahtokcu. Ini satu lagi hasil menekuni alam di multiversiti alamiah. Ia menyubur jiwa, mengidup rasa, menghilang sombong dlm cahaya Belas Yg Maha Pencipta. Dalam air sungai yg jernih & pada telapak tangan kita sendiri, ada tanda2 yg boleh dibaca dgn akal yg tajam & mata hati yg halus. Dalam salam ada alam.

Segalanya adalah gelombang2 tenaga yg bergema, dari yg sehalus2 partikel sub-atomik hingga sebesar2 galaksi. Semuanya berputar, berkitar, beralun, bertaut, bersilang, bertembung utk mencorakkan apa yg kita sebut sebagai pengalaman jasad & benda. Adakah pengalaman itu penuh dgn disonan (bercelaru, tidak stabil, tidak selaras, melupus) atau resonan (bercorak, stabil, berselaras, menghidup & menggema)? Adakah kita berdisonan dgn gelombang kuantum makroskopik, (medan kuantum) yg lebih luas? Atau kita bergema seiring dengan medan yg luas itu?

"WAVE" by @delly.adeela, editing by her father. Observed & recorded at Sedim river close to @rumahtokcu. This is another result of studying nature in natural multiversity. It nourishes the soul, makes us feel lively, and dissolves our arrogance with the Compassionate Light of The Creator. In the clear water and in our own palms, are signs that can b pondered and read by a sharp mind and fine heart. In peace is nature.

All are echoing energy waves, from the sub-atomic particles to galaxies. All are spinning in cycles, waving, entangling, intefering, and interfacing to form what we call a physical and bodily experience. Is the experience full dissonance or resonance? Are we in dissonance with the larger macroscopic quantum waves or field which we a part of? Or are we in resonance with the field?