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Thursday, 27 December 2012


Why we 'rintis'? When I initially joint USM in 2003, amongst my first tasks given by the Dean then, Dr. Najib Ahmad Dawa (now Dato'), was to design a New Media Design & Technology Programme, together with Wan Marina. It was karmic cycle revisited (after doing the same for UNIMAS and CENFAD). When we showcased the works of our first batch of New Media Design & Technology students, I was naturally excited. I remember giving the name 'Rintis' for the final year show, mostly for branding purposes. But there is more than branding for the term 'Rintis' (which in my mind then, was meant as acronym for Research and Innovation Towards Integration & Sustainability). Now, after 8 years, I think its good to reflect upon the word 'rintis'. Ya, ya....I know, I'm bragging. But can't help being high, proud and thankful, especially of what I have received from the students.  To all the students, thank you for enriching my life, and congrats for all the hard work. My luv to u. The projects are mostly design and applied-based, with commercial application and targeted client and consumer/user identified beforehand. Only few opted for expressive or fine-art based approach. 

Zaki Zakaria's work incorporate three dimensional indoor video mapping with 3D animation story-telling.
Masitah constructed a D.I.Y interactive touch screen to view her panoramic pictures. The system, which incorporates google map, can be used to promote places of interest, especially those with scenic natural environment.
'Katak' (I remember her nickname, which is actually in reference to her boyfriend, instead of her name!)  created a system for online window shopping in which one can try and test her own choice of dress in front of a 'virtual mirror' (a tv or computer monitor actually).

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