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Saturday, 26 October 2013


Andy, tq for your unpaid reflective essay about me. Each of us is a mirror to each other, and thank God, you have been a good mirror for me (but not in a Snow White's Queen way). Tq for driving me up to Penang and back to KL, lepaked at Kebun Rupa, amongst so many things to be thankful for. Lepaked at Kebun Rupa can do wonders, one of which is to strip you bare into nothing. In the NOW, we become the silent witness or observer of Greatness beyond what our minds can conjure, including through words. After all they are nothing but just bunch of dots and lines. And yes, nothing is sublime. (You have to read the last sentence many times to 'get it' though).



July 5, 2013 at 4:49pm
In the past,when I meet anyone again after few years – my once ignorant mind always said this “its damn co-incidence”, fast-forward in the later years I found out that people whom I crossed paths actually it’s not coincidence, it’s a freaking lesson, you just need certain time to reflect on how a person whom you met teaches you, having a chemistry or being comfortable with and ultimately see how the person complement or improves with you. It can be your ex, your current love ones, siblings, parents, grandparents and etc.

Normally this sort of reflective piece you are reading now normally reserved and to be read for the person when he will be awarded an award, to publish it as a foreword or worst you need to read it at the funeral. So I figure out why the fuck we need to wait when you can do it NOW!.

Everyone seems to know about Hasnul, Hasnul this and Hasnul that, to students, they call him a teacher, for the ones who in the local visual arts, he is known as a super OTAI - a giant, Master, Sifoo,Legendary Grandmaster Funk, Yoda etc. Virtually every catalog involving with the arts contained his writings and reviews. For students who did Masters or even P.h.d in Malaysian visual arts, they need to read his writing for their research. Most of the time, his writing will help everyone to start Chapter 2.

So who the hell is Hasnul, you may wander? Few even are afraid to start a conversation with him due to his body of works, his writing, and now with his rock star persona courtesy of his rebonded  long hair appearances, few people looked “proud” or even “claimed”  they know him well enough or even I sense there can be few who are proud like shit when Hasnul mentioned their names or their artworks in his reflective writing in his Belaian Jiwa blog. ( note his blog is called Jiwa Halus )

One thing I have to say – his writings about anything are pretty well covered, comprehensive and supported by facts of primary and secondary datas. People seriously don’t question his works or his writings. Fortunately for me, we didn’t crossed path when he set his foot in USM as I was graduating, at first I knew him through his works dealing with electronics – but what strikes me, and this “giant” is a jolly good fellow, intelligent and most importantly not a pretentious prick when we finally meet. 

But bear in mind - He does know to start a conversation, control the conversation, expanding it – so beware if you meet him. He either can overwhelm you easily - resulting in you stand there, mouth open and you will think that you just met a DEWA or irritate the hell out of you. He knows a lot of stuffs as he reads a lot.

yet his best writing is not about Art, it's about his dad. A brutally honest to goodness - no holds barred about his dad. Here's the link

He has uncanny ability to attract a lot of lost souls, souls who wants recognition and ones who don’t give a shit. He is fluid, his words are grounded and mind you, his drawing skills are awesome, I forgot to add, and his mastery in colours is sublime (which is really rare now). Not many people can add as much colours like him and the result turn out to be super-awesome. No garish colors to blind your senses, but its pleasing like the you are in a subtle candy store – I loved the way of how he combines all the visual elements akin to any professional chef in a restaurant – everything is complete and cukup rasa. Tak kurang, tak lebih and there is no Ajinomoto.

Yet his best piece is the cartoon he did when he was in Form 3, Keluarga Pak Don. His drawings captured all the flaws of his family except him - make me laugh like shit.

The students or people in general can be confused or even can label him as a nutcase when he keep on mentioning about quantum stuffs. Bear in mind, its not something that you can understand within one day,but its not intellectual either, but the way of how he explains sometimes can put you in confusion level 99. We are all made of energies, if we are positive, then we attract positive ones, if we are negative like shit, we tend to attract the dark shit ones too.

He normally constantly will be wandering around, most of the time he will either deal with artists ( which until now I don’t know how the hell he got the patience as I dont ),being a responsible husband by lepaking in his wife’s shop and create ruckus to any heritage activists, visits his lovable parents back in Teluk Intan, being a supportive dad to his 3 talented daughters or chased - bogged down by someone to do a review or writings or worst participate in an exhibition. 

One thing I need to highlight here, he is the type of person that don’t know how to say NO to everything. He is not calculative, yet people who surround him are. People clamor for his name and his associations, Hasnul this and Hasnul that. That is the strength and yet a weakness for this man. Mind you, I don’t know how many people will turn up for his funeral one fine day.

I just pray you and your family tons of happiness and abundance HJS and yes why I need to write this as seriously as I don’t want to read any pompous shit about you written by any pompous so-called pseudo-intellectual academicians in a journal or in any publications. Seriously what i felt that you do deserve a pure honest reflective notes of someone you know through the years. 

As in the end of the day if we strip everything apart, what made us? Nothing.Strip off the pangkat, nama, baju, the car we drive and etc - we will turn out to be nobody. But the hardest part is being a nobody than being a somebody.

When being a nobody is harder than being a somebody. We are nothing.

p/s : Plus I glad to work with you in few funny projects.

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