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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A portrait by Soleha Hanafi, my sister's creative daughter. "Cu" stands for Pak Su, the youngest uncle. "Dogek", well,....there is a story behind it. Dogek is actually a name of my mother's legendary pet chicken, long, long, time ago before the age of fb. It had a peculiar head with some feathers missing. One day (I was a little kid then), my hair was cut and trimmed, coincidentally looking like the head of this chicken named 'Dogek". When my family bullies (big braders) saw my new hair, they said "hey, tengok, macam kepala Dogek!!". Until now, the whole family call me Dogek, even my nieces and nephews, and now my 'cucu-cucu' sedara ....Tok Cu Dogek. Initially I felt embarrassed, but now, I think its cool. Recently, I was pondering to send this work for the show "Wajah-wajah" curated by U-Wei (plus my own portrait), but then U-Wei might think that I'm trying to pull his legs. Yet, this drawing really whacked my artist's ego and pretentiousness with its raw honesty, perception and talent.

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