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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

WHO'S HERITAGE AGAIN? A VISUAL DIALOGUE WITH GEORGE TOWN & ITS NEIGHBORING 'COMMUNITIES'. a lingering residue of erased, dislocated, and 'demolished' heritage and social history (to be 'upgraded' or transformed into some other forms perhaps). A graffiti claimed to be by the descendents of Tok Non Tanjong Tokong, Penang. Ooooohhhh...yes, this is not a precious old shop-house building in the UNESCO Heritage core zone ma! Would such 'street art' be a part of the much celebrated and hyped George Town Art Festival.
The glittering Gurney Drive, epitome of the expanding legacy (perhaps 'heritage') of globalization and the festivity of free market capitalism.

There will always be many sides of George Town, many ironies, paradoxes, inter-textual cross-significations gone 'amok'. There will always be this pinching binaries of tangible and intangible, known and unknown, hidden and shown, centralized and marginalized, highlighted and veiled, celebrated and suppressed, acknowledged and ignored, remembered and forgotten, erected and destroyed, written and erased.

We, will always be its faithful witness, humbled nevertheless by its clashing cultural intrigues.

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