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Thursday, 1 November 2012


Making some electro-acoustic noises with noisicians, "Spacegambus Experiment"(SGE). SGE epitomizes an interesting aural dialogue between humans and their fast changing landscape, the way we improvise and dance with the aural attributes of our immediate surrounding. We are a tiny ripple within a vast ocean of energy (the Universe). There is a symbiotic relationship between our intangible vibrations (or frequencies or mental/emotional waves) with the vibrations/frequencies/waves of our immediate environment (or 'pool'). Sometimes it is calm, clean and clear - reflecting our own 'faces'(conscience) like a mirror. Most of the time, it is stirred, muddy and full of overlapping ripples, of not waves. If the stir turned into large waves or tsunami, we need to be ready to surf it, to dance with its ebbs and flow, its currents, its clashes and crashes, its motions. Improvising (more like surfing, or dancing) with SGE is like stirring ripples, sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes they may turn into large clashing waves. Yet, one may stay in synch (or out of synch, depending on one's choice) with the vibrations of the whole, almost like in a syncopated jazz ambiance, not much different than surfing. SGE is multi-timbres, multi-layered, dense, full of intertwining aural discourses, reflecting our own negation with the aural ambiance of our fast changing landscape.   

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