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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The sum of anger and hate is war. Anger and hate destabilize a peaceful quantum field, penetrate mental and emotional shields, thus making one an easy target for further manipulation/exploitation. Those who study martial arts know this very well.....make your opponent angry, to destabilize them. Then you'll be able to penetrate their defense shields from 'within' and take control over them without much resistance at all.

What if you create two or more mutual enemies, and gain endless profits from them, or their 'conflict'? What if your are invisible in the whole scheme of conflict and war?.

Anger and hate are two potent yet deadly reactions (energy or frequency) that hate lobbyists and war brokers would desire most, or would instigate as a part of their S.O.P (Standard Operational Procedure). Anticipating anger and hate as the desired reactions is also a part of war protocol. Anger and hate are two frequencies that can easily escalate, thus making war and violence inevitable. In such frequency (or chaos), whatever sides will be ready consumers/subscribers of killing weapons. This spells profit for war brokers. Wars will mark a trail of destruction. It has been 'normalized' or 'naturalized' with the term 'conflict' (actually CON-FLICK!). It opens the gate of 'intervention'. Post war destruction requires 'intervention', 'make-over', or 're-building'. All these spell endless profit. For whom? 

The language of hate and war is made 'natural' (if not legal) with its true face hidden underneath layers of mainstream media semiotic. It needs to be deconstructed, unveiled. Yet, the war brokers and lobbyists are working with hidden or invisible hands that hand-out bounties or candies to their loyal subscribers (who can be anyone). Such bounties make these loyal subscribers very noisy on certain selected issues, but very numb and mute on other more pertinent issues. Even if they are noisy, their noises echo favored sentiment and similar semiotic of their 'lords'. Don't be surprised if it is subscribed even by those who cry for democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, gender equality etc. Their true faces are revealed during CON-FLICK.

To be angry and engulfed by hate are not good options.  Two or more sides that are engulfed by hate and anger, and engaged in a 'conflict' are actually 'the same side' - casualties or collateral damages. 

The true winners are war lobbyists and brokers.

Be love and peace, and stay in that frequency.


  1. how do we empower people to have faith in their own potential, so that when they tap into their creative power - they have the power to create rather than take or fight so people can live in harmony instead of embroiling themselves in war and destruction.

    I guess to experience the change one has to be the change.