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Saturday, 13 July 2013


Institutions? Let me list some of them here.

1. The bank u put and invest your money in. Maybank? Hong Kong & Shanghai? CIMB? Arab-Malaysian? or some offshore banks somewhere in USA and Israel.
2. News u subscribe. CNN? ABC? BBC? Al-Jazeera? Time-Warner? AOL? 
3. Movie channel u watch. HBO? Cinemax?
4. Sports channel. ESPN?
5. The car u drive. Toyota? Honda? Volvo? Merz?
6. The coffee u drink. Coffee Bean?
7. The handbag u carry. Prada?
8. The under-wear you wear. Kelvin Klein?
9. The hand phone u r using. Samsung? Apple? Nokia?
10. The camera u r using. Canon?
11. Food u eat. KFC? PizzaHut? McDonald? 
12. Social media. Twitter? facebook? instagram?
13. The car oil u buy. Petronas? Shell? Esso?

Each of the above is an institution by itself, or in relation to other bigger institutions, or a part of a larger global conglomerate. Through myriads of trading and exchanges, including set rules and regulation, control, manipulation, etc (like the WTO), they form the meta-structure that determines our consumption pattern, our living condition, our taste, our desire, our needs, our greed, our total identification with 'things' and false conception of individual and collective self. 

So many 'institutions' ma! I can go on and on and on.  And Hello! We have been 'institutionalized (in various ways and versions) since birth (or even before) wokay.

So bro and sis, why not u probe into them, similar to your obsessive, selective, cliche and stereotypical probing into those lousy government (state or federal) 'institutions' which are actually increasingly pressed, if not swallowed by such meta-structure.

Wake up and get over it la, we are living and breathing in the post-institution age where everything is hyper-connected and inter-dependent. 

But unless we can get over those easy demarcation and lazy dichotomy of institution vs non-institution (local), we are not ready to enter the "AGE OF SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS AND COLLECTIVE AWAKENING". 

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