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Friday, 2 November 2012


2011, "Kebun Bunyi" open jamming at Lebuh Acheh, Penang. Experiential learning is more interactive and inclusive than passive observation. In a teaching term, its call active and participative learning, which leads to a lasting memory.

Sounds and music bring people to groove and be 'in sync' with each other. It propagates collaboration.

With special thanks to Rozana's Refreshing Batik, Lebuh Acheh, Penang.

With a 'walk-in' drummer'.

2011, "Kebun Bunyi" open jamming with Mia and Nina leading the groove.

"Kebun Bunyi" is inclusive.

"Kebun Bunyi" speaks the universal language of the heart.

"Kebun Bunyi" is where each person can be in his/her own groove but yet contribute to the whole......that is what the whole world should be.

"Kebun Bunyi" accepts all.

 "Kebun Bunyi" is like being in a family that sync together despite differences in character.

 "Kebun Bunyi" encourages us to play together. People who play together, stay together, even though they sometimes annoy each other (that's part of the groove too!). 

"Kebun Bunyi" teaches us to source our rhythm from 'within'.

 "Kebun Bunyi" acknowledges that all of us develop our sense of hearing way earlier (in our mothers' wombs!) than our sense of sight (few weeks after we were born).

"Kebun Bunyi" receives anyone, even those without prior experience and knowledge in music. Our tradition should be liberated from the tyranny of 'heritage fundamentalist/police' who likes to prosecute others for what they assume as 'crime against heritage/tradition'. Once we are 'in the groove' (from within), then we can always learn the 'technically proper' or 'exclusive' (for some, formalist) way of mastering any tradition. In this way, tradition can be appropriately improvised, adapted, innovated, customized, while at the same time, sustained and preserved (as it has been so for centuries).

 "Kebun Bunyi" open jamming allows anybody to come and go anytime, open entry point. That's the beauty of our traditional music legacy, its very democratic and open-ended. No suffocating formalism here.

"Kebun Bunyi" calls to the beatings of our hearts.

"Kebun Bunyi" is where formality is suspended, and friendship flourishes.

 "Kebun Bunyi" open jamming at Lebuh Acheh, Penang. A group from Balik Pulau walked in and performed casually.

Learn to listen to others


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