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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


"I began to experiment with myriads of non-traditional media and found objects when I was studying at ITM (now UiTM). I chose to refer to microscopic objects as my subjects, mostly through books on biology with pictures taken by the use of microscope. I copied the images and blew them up into painting sizes. They appeared abstract, but I argued that they were actually realistic (taken or captured by a non-emotional, non-expressive man-made machine or instrument). Perhaps it was my form of 'expanded realism' in which the notion of 'reality' has been extended through scientific instruments (technology). We can shrink ourselves to the size of an atom (now, even a particle) or blow ourselves to the size of galaxies. Our 'scale' or reality has expanded beyond 'middle distance' as exposed by landscape artists. 

For me, my realism was more real because they represent our microscopic selves (unseen by our naked eyes). This form of microscopic reality for me, was a step closer to our 'real' selves where all our 'petty' differences totally disappeared (no more the individual Hasnul or Roopesh or whatever) but just a bundle of atoms, molucules etc (now - energy in myriads of frequencies/waves). I also began to read about 'creation' from both scientific and religious sources (not just Islam). Several surahs in the Quran mention about the creation of humans and the process of human formation in a woman's womb, in which women hold a very special place. I was basically asking "who am I?" or "who are we?". 

.....they were my 'genesis' or became the seeds of my personal journey as a person and as an artist. My interest in science (quantum physics, brain/mind studies, energy), technology (new media, computers, network system), women (always intrigue me), alternative media, alternative medicine/therapy, healing, Eastern philosophies, spiritual sciences (especially from Islamic sources), cross-discipline approach, etc, began in UiTM. I was also into music composition, performances, theater and film. I was obsessed with learning and experiencing, and challenging my creative impulse, which were nurtured and provoked when I was in UiTM. I was blessed with good lecturers. For me, they were the best and were at the top of their form then."

(Excerpt from "Hasnul Jamal Saidon Spekas To Roopesh Sitharan" in "Relocations - Electronic Art of hasnul Jamal Saidon & Niranjan Rajah", 2008, Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah and 12 Artspace, Penang and Kuala Lumpur)

Sketches for "Microspcae series", 1987-1989, Pen and marker on paper.

"Microscape series", 1988. Mixed media on board.

"Microspcae series" (forgot the exact title), 1988, mixed media on plywood (Collection of Lim Kok Wing)

"Microspcae series - Iqra'", 1989, mixed media on plywood.

"Microspcae series'", 1988, mixed media on plywood.

"Microspcae series'", 1988, mixed media on plywood.

"Microspcae series'", 1989, mixed media on plywood.

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