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Sunday, 3 August 2014


The key to both heaven and hell on earth is in each of us. The doors are also within our hearts, and for us to choose.

Choose hate, or choose love. We have the freewill to choose. 

Hate makes one say, write and make hateful things. It makes one easily react in a hateful manner too, through myriads of fronts and disguises - religion, politic, economic, science and techn., culture, social, education. 

In the contemporary art practice, it has been termed and used by some theory brokers (including the person who is typing this) as 'angst' and made somehow fancy, fashionable, trendy, celebrated, promoted by some international art 'circus' and market.   

Hateful things and actions breed more hateful reactions upon reactions upon reactions. They normally begin with indirect innuendos, sarcasms, parodies, mockeries and so many disguises that can grow virally until everyone is drowned in a vicious cycle of reactive hatreds. Reactive hatreds can breed hate crimes (amongst the less enlightened, the fanatics that can inflict anyone regardless of whatever background). Hate crimes can escalate into hate wars. Hate wars, can go on forever, creating a hell on earth.

No, its not out there, in far, far away land, infecting far, far away people. And yes, we can easily point our fingers at whoever we like to term as 'others' or 'other people' or 'other country'. 

"I(we) don't hate, but only that person (those people) hate. We are responding to 'them'. We are just protecting and defending our interests". Sounds familiar? 

Yet, hate can seep in unnoticed in each of us, knocking on the doors of our hearts, right here, in us, in Malaysia. Each and everyone of us has the potential to be the door and gate to enter the hell of hate on earth, be us 'contemporary artists' or whatever. Sadly, I've sensed it amongst many so-called 'contemporary artists' too, obliviously emitting and parading hatreds like a plague wanting to spread its reach. I could smell them (fortunately and unfortunately), even in a distance, always making me dizzy to a point that I could vomit. Yet, hate comes in so many disguises that sometimes goes unnoticed. Ya I know, hate can be very 'dramatic', 'powerful', 'alluring', 'seductive', 'tasty', 'blunt', 'honest' (sigh) and many more veils, in the hands of some twisted 'creative' individuals (including the person who is writing this). In short, we all have to be always on guard.

So my dear brada and sista, do not open the doors of our hearts to hate. Once opened, hate will enter and occupy our minds and feelings. It will stay forever, doesn't want to leave. It will posses our minds and feelings, veil our humanity, creating hell within us, making us a 'walking hell' (full of hatred, anger, envy, greed, false assumption, fear, full of contempt, etc, in short, a walking contagious toxic energy and door/gate of hell). In fact, it wants to become us, taking over us. Its ultimate aim is that all of us become its personification (of hate), walking like ZOMBIES. It doesn't care who (amongst us) wins or loose, because once it has become us, it wins. 

Please, please la brader and sista, let us all shut the door of hate (and hell), and open the door of genuine and sincere love, NOW and every NOW. 

Humanity is a a state of emergency or code red. Wake up and take a deep lesson from those who are living in the hell of hate on earth, somewhere far, before that very hell emerges from within all of us, here in Malaysia.

We have to be the personification of PEACE. 

SALAM to all. 


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