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Friday, 22 March 2013


Nature is essentially cyclical, not linear - birth, grow, mature, giving birth to new life, old and return back to the Source. What appears to be linear is merely physical manifestation. Every new emerging phenomena is a re-birth of previous phenomena, all fundamentally coming from One similar Source. So, let us estinguish any egoistic and self-centric paradigm based on a very linear, mechanical, sequential reading of time. Such reading can spread like a rapid fire. In addition, such reading only yields materialistic take on making and doing, instead of loving and living. It is rooted in a higly imbalance view that sees knowledge as only to be experienced objectively through empirical, tangible, quantitative, sequential and linear means. This view reads 'human progress', including the arts, artists or creative practices in a very linear way, thus the deployment of terms such as avant garde, pioneering, trend setting, emerging and so on so forth to imply 'progress'. It is a very modernist and mechanical construct of time, reducing humans and their living into separated compartments, with separate functions, fiercely competing for dominance and control. Such reading is 'anti-fitrrah' or againts the grain of nature. Such reading will only intoxicate us with snob and superficial claims like being the pioneer, the founder, the trailblazer, the father of this and that art movement (i know abou this toxic for sure, I was tagged as one!, and felt snobbishly high), emerging this and that. Instead, try to approach what we do as a form of recurring practices, with its fundamental nature or potentials already inherent within all of us humans since the beginning of time, only waiting to be manifested in new forms through any of us. Would be more humbling to utter phrases such as, rejuvenating, returning, reflowering, rebirth, revisiting. Such terms are much more closer to our own shared cross-cultural and rich heritage and philosophical legacies. They may return us back to our true nature, inter-connected, intertwinned interdependence in a vast infinite cosmic ocean of energy. 'Berhijrahlah sayang, demi masa mu'.

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