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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Nostalgia Lagu Ku (Nostalgia of My Songs)
Year & Location                
1989, Old Town Hall, Kuala Lumpur
Normah Nordin
A musical performance where I was 'upgraded' from a back stage design team to a 'performance team', playing a character of a bonggo player for a touring 'bangsawan' troupe (as well as an understudy for the main character).

The iconic Fauziah Nawi (front left) singing along with Dida and her dancing team, while Iryanda Mulya (playing the guitar) and I (playing the gambang) provide the rhythm.
Dance routine where I looked rather lost, if not stupid.
Playing the bonggo.
Dida, doing her dance routine, with me behind the bonggo being mesmerized.
Fauziah Nawi (right) and Rosnah Mat Aris, playing two rival divas.
Me (front left) chatting with Iryanda Mulya. We smoked a lot for the characters, because the storyline later developed into a freak fire caused by cigarette.
Rosnah singing, while I provided the rhythm.
Najib Nor (the scenographer and art director) presenting flower to another Rosnah, one of the actresses, with me, pretending to be a stage superstar.

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