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Monday, 28 May 2018


"Dear Mr. Hasnul aka ayah angkat NMT

Before I start this, I wanna tell you thank you for showering us(New Media Students) love of a father. Sincerely from me I have never seen a lecture or even a teacher who’s so dedicated and love his students without seeing color of their skin. You’re truly and awesome human being. I really admire that strength in you. I don’t know about others but I still love your teaching and activities in class even if you’re strict. Maybe this is just apart of your strictness, haven’t see the real you ðŸĪŠ. 

I love the way you love your two daughters (Every girl is always a Princess to her father). They are very bless to have a father like you. When I read your blog about your daughter, Oh My God I really felt that love. 
I never really got a father’s love in my life even when I was a kid, but sometimes I really can feel that through you in our class. You’re truly amazing ayah. Not only that but also your love towards your Hero too. 😇 

I’m so much appreciated the special attention you have given to our class. Thank you for not making us learn the way others wanted to teach, but teaching us the way we need to learn. You always get angry in class (obviously for our mistakes) but end of the day you made us laugh before you leave. 
Not dragging much... Thank you for your ilmu. Thank you for teaching me. I may never do your work as good as you wanted but I learn something and I will keep doing my best in all my other assignments. 

I’m really sorry if I have ever been an irresponsible student or if i have done any mistakes during your class.ðŸŒŧðŸŒŧ

Thank you for the marks given for the assignments. I accept it and I will improve in the future. 😊"


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