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Thursday, 25 December 2014


Our bodies are our media. So, lets improve our living by improving our postures or body language. The above link link is related to NLP(neuro-linguistic programming), non-verbal communication, assertive pose, presence, testerone and cortisol,  generating and transmitting positive aura, and internalizing healthy innernet through body postures. Checkitout.

I have included NLP in my Kebun Jiwa Halus workshop too.

Postscript. Large percentage of human communication is non-verbal. Successful people and losers have different body languages. Similarly,  succesful people absorb and transmit different visual-aural vocabs compared to losers. Improving our visual and aural languages (our visual-aural vocabs and immediate surrounding) improves our experiences of living and being. It changes our neural innernet. Choose to absorb and transmit love, joy, gratitude, enthusiasm and peace in all sincerity through our body.

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