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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Yet again, another synchronicity! But before that, I have to revert back to my previous blog entry entitled "The Hero With Thousand Faces" based on the title of Joseph Campbell's seminal book.

During my recent return trip to Penang from Singapore, I stumbled upon recent book (2013) by Rhonda Byrne called "Hero". Rather modest in comparison to her previous bestseller, it instantly brought me back to the blog entry above, my recent series of works (on my heroes) and my personal struggle or 'hindustan movie'. I bought the book and read it, mostly consisted of 'stories' about selected people deemed 'successful in life' by Rhonda. The central idea is that there is a 'hero' hidden in every one of us, a theme that has been discovered and expressed since more than 2000 years ago in various 'spiritual' traditions, including as explicated by Campbell in his book.

Yet, the serendipitous timing in seeing and buying the book with my current engagement with similar theme through my creative works, for me is a form of affirmation.

Here's the affirmation:

Rather than merely echoing the notions of a hero with thousand faces, I would propose 'a hero that conquers the enemy within, in order to defeat the enemy without (his/her 'otherness') by wining his/her heart through love and compassion. 

Another phrasing of the affirmation is 'a hero who is able to see the 'others' in him/herself'. 

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