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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


To all my christian friends out there, may you have a merry good holiday with family and friends. Turn on our innernet, generate and transmit joy, love and gratitude beyond forms. Turn off all the hate preachers who seem to be given more space (and also overzealous angry responses that sometimes ironically generate more hate) in local newspapers, news and social media compared to those who transmit love. Don't be duped to respond to hate, because it has the cunning ability to generate more hatreds. Response only to love. Love washes away all forms of hatred like a flowing water. Or like a glowing light vanishing darkness, effortlessly, without resistence, without any need to shout loud or pointing fingers (at whoever we like to conveniently label as 'the others'). We are the all inter-connected in the much larger or vast ocean of cosmic energy. 

Lets transmit love and wash away all the bitterness within. 

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