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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


"Not everyone likes to hear your music" said one annoyed minah saleh neighbour who came down her stairs and crossed the street to tell a group of street musicians to "turn down the volume".

The heritage city of George Town is blessed with a rich amalgamation of sounds. One needs to groove and dance with it in order to appreciate and live with it, instead of resisting in bitterness. Most of the passers-by stoped, took photos and droped few ringgit notes as a sign of appreciation to Irfan and Jihan, two young street musicians from Johor. Thankfully, not everyone has bitter ears in George Town.

The young couple droped by at Rozana's Refreshing Batik, to later 'berkebun bunyi' with Ainina and I. My favourite is Irfan's own version of 'malay dilema' in an upbeat funky folk rendition. Would be nice to see it performed in Persidangan UMNO or Muktamar PAS, perhaps as a part of 'meremajakan parti' or to 'listen to the voice of the younger generation'.

To Irfan and Jihan, garden your innernet with the voice of love, joy, gratitude and peace. Keep up the groove guys.

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