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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Beautiful drawings from the heart of wife-partner Rozana Mohamed, known mostly for her batik works instead of drawings. These drawings (2006) of me and our daughters sleeping in peace, are testaments of her training under few of the best fine art lecturers in the late 1980s such as Amron Omar, Fauzan Omar and Ismail Zain. Her drawings are airy, light and minimal, characters that one can also discern in most of her batik works, especially her janting lines. Sometimes, it amazes me to witness how few fine art-trained artist seemed to downplay her batik works as mere decorative and 'craft' or even simply 'gedik' (kitschy sweet) yet are themselves very weak or poor in drawing, especially figure drawing. Despite my personal explorative take on creative works, I still place traditional hand drawn fine art figurative drawing as a fundamental pre-requisite for a good artist and designer. When it comes to drawing, I'm old school. It is an insult to see many fine art students in colleges today neglect drawing, even not bringing their sketchbooks and drawing tools everywhere like I (and Rozana) used to do during our colleges years. Some of them don't even bother to download and use drawing apps in their expensive computer or mobile phones. They don't have the 'heart' to draw. 

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