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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


"The Tao that can be talked about or put into words is not the eternal Tao."

Yet, how obsessed we have been in objectifying everything, even the most sacred of utterance, to be fought over, abUSED, confUSED, diffUSED, refUSED, diminished and even insulted as object of contesting egos, words and discourses. 

How easy have we been duped and veiled from the notion that we are essentially inner netters of peace.

With gratitude to Stella Chong for the book gift, "The Inner Chapter" classic Taoist text by Chuang Tzu. It came few days after I bought "The shape of inner space" (2010) by Shing-tung Yau and Steve Nadis on string theory and the geometry of the universe's hidden dimension. All came around my current interest in the narrative of the innernet.

What kind of thought and feeling are we generating within our own innernet and transmitting to the rest of the neural network? Or to the rest of the vast web of cosmic energy? Are we generating and transmitting peace or hatred?

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