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Saturday, 1 October 2016


Everyday we are preached (indirectly or in a very subtle way) by brand preachers to b loyal to brands that hire them, to totally identify our sense of being, sense of worth and self through a brand, label, logo, image, symbol, product, things, value system and superiority judgement. 

At the same time we are indirectly (sometimes explicitly) preached to hate those who dont subscribe to our chosen or prefered brand, label, logo, image, symbol and value system. Plus, we will say that we are  ok, we dont need to change, we are not like those low class kampung 'god fearing' folks who have been preached, bleached and brainwashed by some bad ustaz to hate. We dont have hate like them. Our loyalty to a brand, to a label, to a logo, image, symbol, status and a particular man-made corporate value system are not similar to their kind of loyalty (to their 'god fearing' religion). 


Or, are we the ones who have been preached to hate, on a daily basis, day in day out. Are we the ones who have become numb or oblivious to the fact that we are haters who live our life in fear towards those who dont share our preferences or choices.  What an irony.

Please la, wake up. 

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