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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The sky was getting dark. We passed through the east hill of Dayang Bunting island towards the straits between the island and its neighbouring island, Tuba. The boat shifted to the right to approach a bay with a silhouette of Bukit Gondol as its backdrop. As we were approaching Langkawi Islands Barkat we heard the barking of three dogs - Manja, Mafia Junior and Nimo, visibly excited like small kids welcoming their guests. One of them (Mafia Junior maybe) even jumped into the water, as any loyal friend would do so to guard and secure the area and situation.  He excitedly accompanied  Abang Rasyid in guiding our boatman towards the deepest spot of the beach. The sight of Mafia Junior (Mafia senior died), welcoming and greeting us with all his heart, while proudly stood beside his best friend Abang Rasyid in the shallow beach, will stay forever in our hearts as one honest and best welcome that we had ever received. (Photographed by Delly Adeela and edited by Kebun Jiwa Halus.)

We used a small boat to ferry us from Barkat's beach to a larger boat. As we were moving things to the larger boat, I glanced towards the beach. I saw Manja, watching us  with her 'seposen' face, like she was sad to see us go. Honest heartfelt welcoming and farewell, rare commodity now. 

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