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Sunday, 9 October 2016


"Instead of having a curator tell you about a painting, we let the visitors form their own interpretations of the artworks and we give them an avenue to share that thought with others,” he says.

Indeed, some of the jottings may simply say “saya suka – saya mahu datang lagi” (I like – I want to come back) or “lukisan ini membuat saya gembira” (this painting makes me happy) but these unpretentious comments by children (some as young as seven) are precisely what the art scene needs – refreshing honesty based on a true appreciation for arts rather than what the elitist society dictates as art. It made me smile to note that kids, if given the chance, can show much maturity in their acceptance of creative ideas.

Throwback Christina Chin's review of "Other Stories" (2012)

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