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Sunday, 30 October 2016


Meeting at Kebun
On 23rd. September 2016. Jeganathan came to my ‘Kebun’ (little abode) at 7 Tingkat Permai in Penang with his two students, Jaysree and Maheswary. About a week before that, we met by chance at the canteen of the National Visual Art Gallery (NAVG). I was looking for materials related to the use of sound for healing, and suddenly there he was.  It was an encounter meant to be, a synchronicity in action. It was like meeting an old friend, even though before that I only knew him and his works from a distance. He gave me a crash course on aural healing. Since he was going to Penang for Jaysree’s solo exhibition at USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia), I invited him to drop by my Kebun. I also invited two other friends in Penang to join, Zaidi and Pradeep. Zaidi did his doctorate research on visual mapping of Arabic letters in a silat (traditional Malay martial art) while Pradeep is still doing a research on mathematics, patterns and mandala. Add Rozana my wife who is a batik artist-designer into the picture.

The meeting at Kebun was for me an excellent exchange of awesome energy between the five of us. It was a convergence of the arts and sciences, body and soul, on what really matters, with mutual respect between scientific and artistic paradigms, across two inter-twined cultures and spiritual traditions – Hindu and Islam. Throughout the night, Jeganathan was like a repository of boundless energy that emanated effortlessly with heartfelt insights and wisdom. He enthusiastically shared his journey into the field of sound vibration and aural healing, complete with generous demonstrations and practical examples for us to internalize. At one point, he looked at one of Rozana’s batik paintings and started to vocalize the painting into a form of mesmerizing sound-song.

At another point, he took an empty ceramic urn in my small garden to demonstrate how it can be used to create a specific sound wave based on my name. The sound was soothing, as if my essence was repeatedly called upon to rejuvenate. I recalled my father's 'air penawar' (healing water), and how he used to recite certain verses from the Quran in front of a bottle of mineral water for healing purpose.

The practice is based on the idea of water as a conducive medium that can be embedded with vibrational information or memory. Through directed intention and frequencies of the verses, the water is believed to be embedded or coded with a healing energy. Such idea has also been labelled as pseudo-science by the mainstream scientific community, specifically referred to as placebo, a form of psychological ‘make believe’. Yet, there have been increasing numbers of scientific research on the effectiveness of sound vibration as a healing method, with interesting findings that are opened for further debates. One can also recall that all major spiritual traditions have their own unique methods of healing through sound vibration. One may choose to approach them culturally, or through scientific inquiries. For Jeganathan as I can recall, our heartbeats are the ‘heart’ of physics, encompassing three fundamental components – rhythm, melody and harmony.

Many wonderful insights were shared throughout the evening at my Kebun. I believe, the insights are comprehensively documented, written and presented in Jeganathan’s solo exhibition that are currently running at the National Visual Art Gallery. Jega also sent me few pictures of his works and the exhibition sites, with accompanying explanations of each work that I found very insightful. I don’t have to add more.

What I would like to add, as form of ‘salam’ (greeting of peace) and gift to Jega, is a fragment of my own on-going research on reproaching tradition through the language of quantum physics. It was initially based on a proposition by my late guru, Ismail Zain.  I hope it will complement Jega’s works.
So, here we go.  

Inter-connectivity, Universal Quantum Connection and Single Unified Field of Intelligence

One unique proposition of quantum paradigm is entanglement. Quantum wave function or qwiff that is separated in terms of distance can entangle and cohere with another qwiff at another location. Such notion of distant connectivity without intermediary is referred to as non-local entanglement or coherence. Non-local entanglement or coherence is explained through quantum field theory, which can also be used to explain how human minds and more importantly human hearts, are essentially inter-connected across space and time. It is also used to explain synchronicity, and ‘Extra Sensorial Perception’ (ESP). Such inter-connectivity is dubbed as the ‘Universal Quantum Connection’ (Taylor: 2010, p121). Physicist Ervin Lasszlo describes such inter-connectivity as the following:

“There is a form and level of coherence in the various domains of observation and experience that involves a quasi-instant transmission of information across space and time…I present evidence that the ‘non-local coherence’ is widespread in nature, occurring in the microdomain of the quantum, as well as in the mesodomain of life…” (Ibid, p121).

Where does this Universal Quantum Connection take place? Physicist Roger Penrose proposes that consciousness is tied to the deepest level of the universe referred to as sub-atomic Planck scale or the ground floor of the universe (Planck scale takes after physicist Max Plank). Quantitatively, Planck scale is equated as 10-33 centimetres, 10-43 seconds, and 10-8 kilograms. At this infinitesimal Planck scale, “the universe is no longer smooth but quantized, composed of geometric patterns termed as ‘Fundamental Spacetime Geometry’. The patterns, as proposed by Penrose, are embedded with Platonic values, ‘including mathematical truth, aesthetic, ethical, and proto-conscious values’(Ibid, p183).

“Just as waves on the surface of a lake emerge from underlying molecular processes we cannot see, these scholars believe that gravity and its equivalent formulation as geometry also emerge from underlying, ultramicroscopic processes that we assume must be there, even if we don’t know exactly what they are. That is what people mean when they say gravity or geometry is ‘emergent’ from the sought-after Planck scale description of quantum geometry and quantum gravity” (Yau & Nadis: 2010, p310).

In traditional paradigm, non-local entanglement is commonly interpreted as taking place in the heart and vibrating at even higher frequencies than the mind. The frequencies of the heart influence the brain states.

“The sciences of psychology and medicine are in midst of a major paradigm shift as research findings have uncovered that the heart is a sensory organ that can learn hold memory and make independent functional decisions. Even more surprising is the fact that the heart displays qualities of neuroplasticity, and that it can reorganize itself by growing new neural connection, just as the brain can do” (Jacob Devaney: 2015).

The coherence between thought (brain) and feeling (heart) has been proven to reduce stress and improve health. An individual coherence may bring about social and global coherence, thus creating a healthy and peaceful living condition on a global scale. Researcher at Heart Math Institute, Itzhak Bentov for example, has discovered that the human heart transmits coherent energy patterns to the rest of the body when the brain focuses on the idea of love and peace. Peaceful and loving thought and emotion can change the collective vibration of the planet (see ‘The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence’ at See also  Christina Sarich, at

Heart’s magnetic field
Visualization of heart’t magnetic field, sourced from

Inter-connectivity from personal to global
Visualizations of inter-connected field, sourced from
‘The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence’ at


Inter-connecting field
Another visualization of inter-connecting or inter-penetrating fields between two persons. Sourced from:
‘The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence’ at
 ‘Metaphysics For Life Lesson 105 Heart intelligence’ at

The following are several key summaries on the significance of the heart and emotional states as listed by the Heart Math Institute:

Ø  The heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa
Ø  The heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to our emotions
Ø  The heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from the body
Ø  We can boost our immune system by conjuring positive emotions
Ø  Negative emotions create negative nervous system chaos but positive emotions do the opposite
Ø  It does more than pump blood, it started beating before your brain was formed, and it has an electromagnetic field that can be detected across the room.

Jacob Devaney summarizes inter-connectivity and what he calls the ‘science of the heart’ as the following:

“Science is hard at work de-mystifying the role of the heart in our lives and seeing beyond it’s function of pumping blood is perhaps the first step in unlocking the potential of living in the frequency of love” (Jacob Devaney: 2001).

He further adds:

“This is not romantic love, it is a state of resonance (instead of discord) with your own mind, with the people around you, and with nature. The key to living in flow involves tuning in to your own center and letting your heart lead” (Ibid).

Syed Ahmad Jamal
Heart of Matter” (1982)
Acrylic on canvas, 203x203cm.

Syed Ahmad Jamal’s underlying geometrical structure can also be linked to attempts to infer the time dimension by visualizing motion or movement through a series of stacked surfaces indicating spreading of events over time (layers) and the traditional light cone model of events in time
(Pico: 2002). Syed Ahmad Jamal deploys a combination of stacked layers and conical structure, with light (glowing white) radiating from the upper 1/3 of the pictorial field. The glowing light is at ‘the present’, a gift. The time is now. There is only 'now'. Now is all that matter. Now is the light. The heart that embraces the present is 'enlightened'.

“Just as music from the radio is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal, our experience of emotion is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal too. It has been shown that our emotions possess a vibratory frequency. (Drago De Silver: 2015)

A post-materialist quantum interpretation of the inter-connected universe also sees it as mental, emotional and spiritual, or in short, as consciousness. Honest intention, love, compassion, kindness and mindfulness for examples, are pathways towards higher consciousness. In such a universe of collective consciousness (higher energy), the act of prayer, supplication (doa), remembrance (zikr) and distance healing are not anymore seen as passive rituals, but as pro-active higher consciousness acts with direct implications towards manifestations of inter-connectivity in the physical domain (see Dean Radin’s research findings at IONS - the Institute of Noetic Science blogs at and video at

Psychologist Andrian David Nelson offers the following review:

“Over nearly three decades, experiments conducted by researchers at Princeton University revealed that when people direct their intention to a physical random system the outputs will often shift in line with their intentions. Outside any ordinary physical contact, the reported effect seems impossible to reconcile within any materialist understanding of the mind” (Andrian David Nelson: 2016 in reference to Dunne, B. J., & Jahn, R. G.: 2005, pp195–245).

Nelson also stresses on the interconnecting nature of consciousness in the following remark:

“The emerging view may not only shed light on some of the most enduring mysteries of modern science and philosophy, it offers, I think, a unifying and catalyzing vision, in which we and all life are truly ‘in this together’ - an integral part of a larger cosmic process” (Ibid).

Inter-connectivity can also be traced in the traditional conception of living space and village. In this regards, Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa poetically describes:

“The Malay traditional society naturally likes to live like a shrub of bamboo, close together with boundaries, yet the boundaries are more conceptual rather than physical, sometimes demarcated by coconut trees as signage, yet with domestic animals such as chickens and ducks roaming freely without hindrance” (Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa: 2003, p19. Translated by the author).

He further adds:

“Therefore, if we thoroughly study the living pattern of a traditional society, we will discover a living based on the flow and rhythm of Nature, with emphasis on the concept of respect, love and gratitude” (Ibid, p19).

Inter-connectivity and non-local entanglement is described in Islamic visual tradition through the interlocking or inter-penetrating modular units used to create infinite combinations of patterns.

One of many designs originally recorded in the 1870s, primarily from Egyptian, Persian and Syrian sources by Jules Bourgoin (1838-1907) (see (Pepin van Roojen: 2004, pp 10 & 11). Inter-connectivity of modular units allows multiple patterns to emerge and submerge concurrently.

Similar quantum notion of inter-connectivity and non-local entanglement can also be visually traced in the tree-like multi-dimensional neural network of human brain cells, as well as the inter-connected hyper-linked data in the information network of the internet.


Purkinje cell in the cerebral cortex


"Internet map 1024" specifically January 15, 2005.
by The Opte Project 


Network system
 “The discoveries that have resulted in the ability to link separate items within a network are very significant, both in terms of their immediate practical application and also because of the influence on artistic practice and thinking. In the network, a knowledge of each element is now no longer isolated but it is enhanced by an understanding about its place within a wider configuration of links and relationships” (Colson: 2007, p. 117).


A creative visual description of inter-connectivity, also known as ‘The Cosmic Web’ featuring networks of veins in a leaf, human body, brain cells and city lights.


Hasnul J Saidon
"Ripples in Fukuoka" (2013)
video projection on ceramic bowl and water, published books, laser and LED pen, white granite stones, LED light, 'rehal', plastic floor mat.

This works refers to the five point’s radiant geometry to visualize the five pillars of faith in Islam and five prescribed times for daily prayers. It also implies the illusive, yet inter-connected and ephemeral notions of self and collective identity by using a bowl of
water as a metaphor (see Abdul Aziz: 2013).

To explain non-local entanglement or quantum connectivity, physicist John Hagelin suggests the existence of a ‘Single Unified Field of Intelligence’ at the basis of nature that humans can experience to generate rapid individual growth and radiate holistic influence of peace over humanity.( Taylor: 2010, p168)

“If we assume that at our core level of being we are all intimately connected in a unified field where we are all one, it becomes very easy to understand how we influence one another” (Ibid, p84).

In comparison to Hagelin’s Single Unified Field of Intelligence, physicist Nasiem Haramein uses the term ‘Fundamental Field of Information’ as the source of inherent unity and connectivity. In his words:

“Everything emerges and returns to a fundamental field of information that connects us all” (The Resonance Project facebook at

‘Inter-connectivity’, ‘Universal Quantum Connection’, ‘Single Unified Field of Infinite Intelligence’, ‘Fundamental Field of Information’ and ‘Grammar of Harmony’ are perhaps different ways of describing the unifying Source of being – described in most spiritual traditions as the ‘Light of Love’.

Light of Love

I strongly suspect that Jeganathan and his works emanate such healing light of love. I pray that all of us do.

Kebun d 7 Tingkat Permai
11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.
30 October 2016.   


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